Polygon Whale Transactions Increase 49%, Domini Takes Lead With 340% Gains


Polygon ($MATIC) saw multiple ecosystem expansions in Q3 2023, and analysts believe the token will rise along with other top altcoins when the bull cycle returns. Yet, right now, investors say the best crypto to buy is Domini.art ($DOMI).

Domini.art aims to leverage blockchain technology in the art marketplace and democratize blue-chip art ownership. But can it overtake Polygon’s dominance? Let’s delve into expert opinions and forecasts.

$MATIC Goes Bearish in September 2023

On August 22, data from IntoTheBlock, one of the best cryptocurrency analytics platforms, indicated that Polygon’s large transactions surged by 49.44% within a week. Additionally, the platform revealed that the number of Polygon transactions that exceeded $100,000 in value jumped from 34 to 116 within this period.

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Experts attributed this whale activity to Polygon’s ecosystem developments. For instance, Polygon Labs recently partnered with Japanese watch manufacturer Casio to deliver virtual G-SHOCK watches and NFT-supported community access tickets to the Web3 industry. According to reports, this initiative will launch on September 23, 2023.

Furthermore, Polygon teamed up with Mirae Assets Securities to bolster blockchain interoperability between South Korea’s domestic and foreign financial networks. Mirae Asset Securities Group is a $500 billion finance company, and this MoU will help Polygon scale further into Asian markets.

Despite ecosystem developments, $MATIC went bearish in September. On September 4, $MATIC traded at $0.5559. A week later, $MATIC lost 9.15%, dropping to $0.5037.

Yet, analysts say $MATIC will rise in Q4 2023 due to its consistent ecosystem developments in previous quarters.

Domini.Art Prepares to Deliver Massive ROI to Early $DOMI Investors

Domini.art is an innovative marketplace built to provide art investors with a system that allows fractionalized ownership of high-end blue-chip artworks. In other words, art investors can buy shares in a single renowned artwork and diversify their art investment portfolio for a minimum of 7.6% ROI per annum.

As a result, there is greater transparency and increased liquidity in the art market. Before Domini.art lists any artwork for investment, it thoroughly checks authenticity to confirm its originality. Afterward, Domini.art tokenizes the artworks in its vaults into popular NFTs and then sells them on its marketplace.

In addition, Domini.art also offers all art investors expert guidance. For example, $DOMI holders get in-depth market research on new artworks and blue-chip pieces. This research comes with personalized investment recommendations tailored to their goals and budgets. Furthermore, $DOMI holders also get priority access to new artworks.

Domini.art is currently in its presale beta stage, and the $DOMI token is selling for $0.0021. By the first stage of its presale, $DOMI is set to increase 66% to $0.0035.

Moreover, when all presale stages conclude, $DOMI will sell on the mainstream crypto market and list on major crypto exchanges for $0.0154. This price action will deliver a massive 340% ROI to Stage 1 $DOMI investors and a 633% ROI for those who join now!

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