Polygon (MATIC) vs. Uniswap (UNI) vs. Snowfallprotocol.io (SNW): Which Token to Buy and Why?


Polygon has lost over 60% of its value since hitting an all-time high earlier this year. In comparison, Uniswap has lost over 80% of its value since early 2021. The optimists will tell you that it’s the perfect time to buy both tokens because they’re so undervalued, and the pessimists will tell you that these tokens can plummet anytime, even now. Macroaxis, one of the saner voices in the industry, has summarily classified both Polygon and Uniswap as overvalued even at their current levels, and has gone as far as tagging them as exceptionally volatile and unreasonably risky, respectively.


Polygon vs. Uniswap: Are They Showing Signs of Bucking the Bear Trends?

In recent months, Uniswap has shown signs of stability in its prices, hovering around the $8 mark. Polygon has even recovered some of its earlier losses by gaining ground from under $0.3 to above $0.9. As performances go, that’s not bad. However, it would be myopic to discuss Polygon or Uniswap within their own contexts. Their performance is primarily driven by Ethereum, which is heavily influenced by the crypto behemoth, bitcoin. When bitcoin falls, they all fall. But, when bitcoin rises, they often do not even make a peep. Such is the nature of altcoins and the DeFi tokens.

Any perceived stability in “stable” coins is just a mirage, a self-deception. Crypto markets are primarily driven by speculation fueled by sentiments in the absence of any fundamentals to guide them.

Polygon and Uniswap Both Fail the Investor Test Against Snowfall

Before you consider buying Polygon or Uniswap, ask yourself, “Do they make a good asset?”

An asset is anything that has intrinsic value. While Polygon is a layer-2 scaling solution designed to increase throughput for the Ethereum platform, while Uniswap is a glorified dex. What they both are not is a reliable asset!

There’s no guarantee that your funds in Polygon or Uniswap tokens will grow if you hold them for a few years. Even stock markets deliver reliable and predictable returns in the long run.

Snowfall protocol turns the DeFi world on its head by launching the first true asset in cryptocurrency.

Snowfallprotocol.io (SNW) is a “true asset” in the most traditional sense. It offers an intrinsic value to all token holders. Besides the low transaction fees, transparency, and convenience of most cryptos, Snowfallprotocol.io (SNW) offers something more valuable – it’s built for Swapping, Yielding, and Staking.

In other words, when you own Snowfallprotocol.io (SNW), you won’t be “probably” making money “if” and “when” the tokens appreciate in value. As Snowfallprotocol.io (SNW) token owners, you’ll be making money every day in fees, interests, and compounding.

Now, that’s what a “real” asset does. It gives you guaranteed returns. 

So, if you’re looking for an investment opportunity in cryptos, Snowfallprotocol.io (SNW) is your smart choice.

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