Polygon And Big Eyes Are Smart Crypto Purchases In This Clime


The crypto market is having one of its worst days yet. Although the bear market is regular now and then, this time, it seems to be settling in. the crypto collapse has affected virtually every coin, causing a massive reduction in the crypto market money flow. Many investors are sceptical about putting more money into what might end up being a white elephant project. However, the bear market doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. With the right coin picks, investors can come out the other side smelling like daisies. Choosing the right coins that are likely to boom when the crypto collapse takes its leave is an opportunity every smart investor should grab onto. Polygon (MATIC) and Big Eyes (BIG) are two coins that fit the bill.

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Polygon (MATIC): Scaling with Security

Polygon (MATIC) is a unique addition to the crypto market because it is currently the only Ethereum-based project that tackles the issue of scalability. Since the coin made its debut, Polygon (MATIC) has been lauded for solving the scaling problem. The scalability solutions from Polygon (MATIC) are utilized to host well over 3,000 applications. It can also handle more than a billion transactions and protect over 5 billion dollars in assets. Its incredible benefits and numerous features make it an excellent investment opportunity for investors and project owners. By making use of the network, the project owners are in a position to reap countless rewards.

The Polygon (MATIC) network gives room for much faster and more coherent transactions. Although the crypto asset has also felt the sharp sting of the bear market, it has managed to hold its own in the middle of the harsh winter. With its strong foundation and incredible features, many investors are betting on the coin to see them through the difficult period.

Big Eyes (BIG): A Charitable Cat

Big Eyes (BIG) might seem like the shiny new toy getting all the attention, but the coin is quite capable of holding its own in the crypto market. While it is still in its presale stages, Big Eyes (BIG) has amassed over nine million dollars, shocking many sceptics and middle fencers. Although it might still be too early to know for sure, many analysts and optimists believe the coin is on its way to the top of the charts.

The coin is a unique cat-themed oddball in a world filled with dog-themed meme coins. The adorable cat-inspired coin plans to bring immense wealth to its followers by introducing them to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem. The brains behind Big Eyes (BIG) are also working on introducing NFTs to the Big Eyes (BIG) platform. As one of the most significant cryptocurrency sectors, NFTs promise a rewarding future in the coming days. By pursuing two of the most lucrative markets in the crypto world, it seems the coin is ready to take on the world and shoot up in value.

Big Eyes (BIG) intends to be a long-term cryptocurrency so it is not biting off more than it can chew. By taking things slow, the coin has a healthy strategy for breaking the ceiling and increasing in value as time goes by. This makes it one of the most lucrative coins to consider for many investors.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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