Polkastarter is the First Project to Integrate the Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin

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The Orion Protocol ecosystem is composed of many different tools, services, and layers. Slowly but surely, projects are starting to see the benefits of going down this route. Polkastarter is the first partner for the Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin. 

An Intriguing Integration by Polkastarter

For different ecosystems to survive in the crypto and blockchain world, collaboration will become absolutely necessary. So far, there is still a severe lack of interaction between projects. Changing that narrative will be a challenge, but progress can be noted. Particularly the Orion Protocol is, in the eyes of many, a significant game changer. So far, that seems to be holding up, and other projects show an increasing interest in what is going on.

This week, Polkastarter is making its move. The DEX built on Polkadot technology will make use of the Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin. This will make it easier to process token swaps, as automated liquidity is provided in the process. Considering the cross-chain token pools and auctions envisioned by the Polkastarter team, addressing liquidity at an early stage is mandatory. 

Even though a lot of users will be drawn to DeFi and DEX solutions, the industry still needs to undergo major growth. Achieving that goal is difficult. After all, DEXex tend to deal with high spreads, high slippage, and so forth. The Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin may provide Polkastarter with the competitive edge it needs. 

Under the hood, Orion Protocol’s tool offers nearly zero spread and zero slippage solutions. Combined with virtually endless liquidity for exchanges, the offer is almost too good to pass up on. Polkastarter will, in theory, see unlimited activity and liquidity across the different token pools. 

More Than Just Liquidity

One additional factor the Liquidity Boost Plugin brings to the table is its automatic pool generation. More specifically, through this integration, Polkastarter will see pools being created for major ERC-20 tokens. This list includes USDT, BNB, LINK, CRO, and USDC, as well as others. All of these pools will have ample liquidity from day one to improve overall accessibility. 

For liquidity providers, not having to worry about slippage will prove beneficial. Moreover, it is possible there will be some interesting arbitrage opportunities to take advantage of in the process. By implementing this feature, Polkastarter is the first project to tap this particular solution. 

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