Plutoverse: The Metaverse of Misfits Enabling Self-Expression On-Chain

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Most people spend their lives feeling like they don’t belong,” says the co-founder of Plutoverse, Prashant Sharma, in a recent interview. The post-industrial world has flattened daily existence and squeezed that sense of community out of our lives. Plutoverse is a platform for self-expression that lets you not only be who you want, but find people you care about, and share social experiences with them in the new world of the virtual – the metaverse.

The New Virtual Playground

We no longer live in the village of our forefathers, or sit by the campfires of our family. We are shattered, sharded, and spread out, living in tiny houses in cities of endless towers. A brave girl once said ‘there’s no place like home’ – but home is increasingly hard to find, as is the person we really are in our globalised, homogenised world.

It’s no surprise, then, to see an increasing fascination, movement toward, and acceptance of the virtual as the place where real interaction happens. A new conception of what our town halls and village greens look like. 

Ever since the first silicon throb of computer code entered human imagination, the idea of a virtual reality that humanity can exist in has been prophesied. With the increase in computing power, the march of technology, and – crucially – the decentralised governance of the blockchain, that reality comes closer every day. The ‘metaverse’ – a term first coined in Snow Crash, is nearly here.

How the Metaverse Can Unlock Self-Expression

Key to this metaverse is the ability of self-expression. In the seminal sci-fi classic the Matrix, that self-actualisation was all leather trench coats and sunglasses. In video game lobbies, it’s painting your playing character in wacky skins. When the metaverse arrives, we can finally unleash our true form. In a world of infinite possibility, you can be whoever you want. Plutoverse describes itself as a metaverse of misfits, where disparate champions of oddness can come together to create, play, build, and earn.

Just as crucially, you’ll be able to find like-minded people easily – as long as the platform exists for it. Plutoverse will be that platform. It will create social economies easily where people can come together and explore experiences. The Plutoverse has all the basics already baked into its platform: a DeFi toolkit, a way of executing on-chain governance with select parties, and a way for a user to connect their wallet and their web3 presence straight into this new metaverse. 

How Digital Avatars Will Be a New Identity

Your avatar will be an essential artifact of your digital identity. Your avatar will be at the heart of all you do in this new virtual landscape. Plutoverse’s main focus is to deliver avatars that truly encapsulate the modern human spirit, and help us evolve into a new species-categorization: techno-sapien. They will be truly customisable, either by cobbling together the work of other people on the platform through the marketplace,  or by coding the visuals  and being a creator yourself.

Plutoverse’s avatars will live in the grand triple-A graphic rendered metaverse that Plutoverse is building, but they will also act as a stamp of identity that expresses who you are throughout blockchain economies and experiences far and wide. It may be a metaverse of misfits, but it’s home, and when Plutoverse is finished, there will be no other place like it.

The Tools to Create Anything

It won’t just be player avatars that Plutoverse will empower its communities to build. The team have already introduced AERO, flying cars that will sing across the endless horizons of this vast world. Houses (Pods) are also being constructed. This living, breathing world of self-expression will change daily, and be a place to explore forever, meeting others around the world as you do. Finding your people. Finding your place.

All of this will be underpinned by the latent decentralised economies of the blockchain, giving value to artists and creators who make the world that people play in. However, Plutoverse will not hide these transactions from view. Honesty is a key part of their mission statement, and this honesty will pervade everything they do, especially when it comes to tokenised value.

Shared Experiences, Shared Wealth

Plutoverse’s goal is to push money into the hands of the creators that are generating the experiences that bring people together, as they will be the one are the true engines of this modern virtual economy, and they are the ones that need to be rewarded, not some dead-eyed corporate overlord clothed in blue. Plutoverse states the more honest you are, the more you will benefit. The more you are you, the more you can be yourself.

It all comes from Prashant’s fiery belief that the social world as we see it, in its current form, (its web2 form, if you will) marginalises people. It foists upon them a set schemata of how they should be and punishes those who are different. Web3 is a chance to change all that, and Plutoverse is Prashant and Arjun’s (another co-founder) desire to build a world “where people can express themselves without the fear of being judged.” Key to this is the complete absence of any social media – in its web2 guise – on the platform. That is the old world, this is the new – there are no influencers here; just individuals.

The metaverse will create communities that transcend the physical world. Virtual identities where people coexist out of pleasure and choice not obligation and necessity. Social gaming will be a key plank of the platform. Gaming experiences will populate the Plutoverse, both those created by the team itself and by the population of the platform. 

Gaming experiences will be a way for users to earn various tokens as a reward for their time and engagement on the platform, tokens that will have transferable value both inside the Plutoverse (for example buying a flying car) or off of it. Plutoverse is built on Polygon, the Layer-2 whose lightning-fast transactions are empowering a new wave of gaming experience on the blockchain. Sandeep Nailwal, COO and co-founder of Polygon, is also an investor in Plutoverse..

A Home in All These Possible Worlds

There won’t be just one metaverse, there will be several. And, together, they will all connect. There is no siloing of experience planned by Plutoverse. They expect 100s of discrete metaverses to exist, all offering different experiences. What will be crucial is the ability for these metaverses to interface, interact, and intersect. 

The team envision a constellation of metaverses, with different experiences therein. Yet for Plutoverse, the key will be freedom. It will be the construction of a new, safe, social environment for people to truly be themselves. A world which is owned by its users, not by some monolith background corporation, and a world where people can express themselves openly, and experience a digital transcendence that makes them truly feel at home.

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