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Among the many well-known crypto casinos, CryptoGames is one of the true online casinos providing actual casino entertainment to worldwide gamblers through its online platform. It brings forward 10 games on its platform to entertain a wide number of crypto gamblers on a daily basis. The casino implements the latest transaction methods on its platform to support an uninterrupted crypto gambling experience for every player. While the casino supports the fastest transfers of funds, it also silently reached the heights of success in entertainment with its unmatched list of famous casino games. At CryptoGames, all the finest casino games have been crafted and presented all under one spot to deliver an unadulterated gaming experience to the players. The casino hosts unique games like Minesweeper, Keno, Roulette, and many more on its list. All of them are considered to be highly entertaining games for every new and regular gambler from all parts of the internet. In this piece, get to know about the casino’s most unique addition, Minesweeper. The game had been introduced on the list as it is an incredibly famous computer game that is loved by everyone. It carries a lot of nostalgic memories for the players as well as effortless entertainment value. Minesweeper reigns in the casino as one of the top games that is always loved by the players regardless of their skill levels as gamblers. It brings out old-school puzzle game nostalgia through the new-age gambling essence. 

Why CryptoGames Picked Minesweeper:

CryptoGames curated its games list with a lot of consideration regarding the expectations of the modern casino dwellers. There are a lot of new gambling spots around the world that are now bringing back all the classic games that used to be highly sought by the old-school betters. However, only a few pick the right ones to offer an unending gaming experience to the players. Minesweeper has been brought to the casino as it is less known at casinos and especially in the digital casinos. At CryptoGames casino Minesweeper gives the players a taste of pure classic gaming experience through an incomparable crypto gaming standard. It is now known for its effortless potential for both new and regular players. 

Concept Behind Minesweeper:

Minesweeper has always been known to computer gamers as the classic single-player puzzle video game. The ever-known objective of the game is to clear an entire field designed on a rectangular board that contains hidden “mines” or bombs without detonating any of them during the game. In the classic video game version, the minefield is cleared with help from clues about the number of neighboring mines located in each field. According to the history of Minesweeper, the game is said to originate from the 1960s, and it has been introduced for many computing platforms in use nowadays. Minesweeper in the modern age is seen to have many variations and offshoots. At CryptoGames, the minefield that the game includes has no scope for hints or clues. There are no added tips to follow along as it increases the intensity for the crypto version of the game through its modern concept. Read along to learn more about the CryptoGames version of Minesweeper. Including the review, there will be a brief discussion about all the other fine elements that players can find at CryptoGames aside from Minesweeper. 

Design Layout of Minesweeper:

Minesweeper’s design layout has been kept simple and similar to the original version where the game features a minefield. The field is placed on a game board where in the top left corner, there are options to customize the difficulty level of the round. There are buttons labeled as 1, 3, 6, 24 and a button that says “X mines”. “X” represents the number of mines a player is choosing to face in the field. Players can choose from 1 to 24 numbers of mines to clear in the field. Underneath the buttons, the board shows how many mines and coins are in the field. Coming to how the minefield is designed, the boxes are all kept black until the players choose their difficulty level. Then once they set up their bets and pick the number of mines to clear, the boxes turn golden. As the players correctly turn the boxes, they show a golden leaf that represents the CryptoGames symbol. If the players accidentally turn a box hiding a mine, the box will return a small bomb emoji. And the audio will play a sound effect of a mine going off. Players may choose to speed up the game, change the volume, and enable or disable the hotkeys using the dedicated buttons located on the top right corner of the game board. Under the minefield, there will be functions to set up the bet. In there, players will find the options to increase or decrease their bet size and change the number of their credits using the min and max buttons. Players may also take advantage of the Auto Bet function available for Minesweeper and explore a whole different set of functions for running multiple bets in one go. When they enable the Auto Bet function, they will find another cool feature called “Random Fields”. More on the use of Auto Bet in Minesweeper will be given under the discussion of How to Play the game. Overall, the whole aesthetic of the game is kept under the classic black and golden theme. 

How To Play Minesweeper 

By following the brief explanation given in this section, you will get a clear idea on how you can begin playing Minesweeper on CryptoGames:

  • At first, choose if you would like to play with your crypto fund or rely on the Play Money currency to test out the game. If you choose to play using your crypto coins, then make sure to have a fully registered account that abides by all the regulations of the casino. Then choose your preferred cryptocurrency and head towards the game. 
  • On the game’s page, you will find the section to set up the bet for each round towards the bottom. Select the amount you would like to place using the ‘Bet size’ box. There will be options to minimize or maximize the bet amount. 
  • After setting up the bet amount, select the difficulty level for the minefield. By clicking on the numbers located on the top left corner of the game board, players can easily set the number of mines they would like to place on the field. The minimum number of mines to clear in the 5*5 field is, 1 whereas the maximum number of mines to challenge is, 24. The number of mines faced on the field will have an impact on the payout amount. This means, that facing a higher number of mines in the field will return a higher payout for the players upon a win. 
  • Once the players have set these, they have to press the ‘START’ button.
  • Then, on the field, they must click the squares that they believe don’t have a mine hidden in them.
  • If players are done clicking on several squares and consider that they have earned a good amount, they may press the ‘Cashout’ button to withdraw all the rewards they have earned so far.
  • If the players hit a mine, they lose the entire amount they have earned so far and their bet is taken.

Additional Features to Sweep the Mines 

Run Multiple Bets

Using the Auto Bet function, players can change the number of bets, and adjust the maximum bet size. They can even stop the balance bet, and change the bet on win and loss. Before the auto bet runs, players can adjust the fields they pick with a cool “Select Random “X” Fields. The “X” represents the number of fields. 

Pick Random Fields

Using the “Random” feature, players can pick random boxes on the field. The “Random” feature is indicated with a dice logo where it shuffles and randomly picks the fields. It helps in picking the field randomly when players are confused about which ones might be hiding the mine. When the Random feature is enabled without the Auto Bet, it picks single fields. When it is enabled with the Auto Bet feature, the feature allows the players to pick the “X” number of fields in one setting. Regardless of how cool the feature is, it doesn’t guarantee wins. Hence, if a player chooses to enable it, they must choose to do so at their own risk. 

Complete Transactions for Minesweeper

There are 10 up-to-date cryptocurrencies for the players with fully registered accounts to use. The transaction system not only supports the latest Cryptocurrencies but it also has additional providers to fasten the whole process for every registered user equally. The following cryptocurrencies are the ones the players may use at the casino for playing Minesweeper and the 9 other games. 

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • GAS
  • Solana

The players choose their preferred coins before the bets are set. Registered players must get a clear idea about the transaction methods they start gambling. CryptoGames offer great transaction options that support deposits, exchanges, and withdrawals for cryptocurrencies. The casino has an advanced deposits and exchanges system that is enabled through Onramper and ChangeNow websites. The two websites respectively support credit card deposits and the conversion of almost over 240 different cryptocurrencies. By clicking on the Your Account tab, players can find regular deposit, withdrawal, and exchange options to choose from. 

The Opportunity to Play for Free

At CryptoGames, all the players, both new and old get the fair opportunity to sign up at the casino for free. They do not have to worry about paying any hidden charges or face any compulsory steps to sign up and create an account. The players are also allowed to play at the casino and explore 9 games with the casino’s in-house free currency, Play Money. Once the players create an account through basic registration, the free currency, Play Money is given to all the players in equal amounts. Each player is given 350 Play Money which they can collect from the “Rewards” option under the “My Account” tab. 

Relish the Classic Minesweeper Once Again in a Crypto Version

CryptoGames casino always ensures it leaves no stones unturned when it comes to the design of its games and the entertainment value that comes along. It offers true-to-theme games for every level of online gamblers and hence stands out in the crowd for serving the worldwide audience. Its sincere efforts in adding different gaming features to reward the players in amazing amounts are truly praiseworthy and Minesweeper is the game that speaks loudly of this trait. Minesweeper is the ultimate game that brings out maximum engagement from the players through its flexible rules and enhances their gambling potential in a completely modern and fine crypto-based casino environment. The game engages all players from around the world to enjoy unadulterated crypto gambling services delivered through reliable technology and more entertaining games all in the same space. The casino hosts 9 other games which are: Dice, DiceV2, Lottery, Video Poker, Roulette, Slot, Keno, Blackjack, and Plinko. The 9 games will make the players more intrigued to explore all bits and crumbs of the vast crypto casino industry with the most reasonable house edge in the most responsible way possible. Therefore, it is only fair to say that if you are seeking unlimited crypto entertainment, then playing the classic Minesweeper at CryptoGames is the best way to begin a modern yet truly classic gambling experience. 

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