Plato Farm – The New Farmville That Earns You Real Money

CryptoMode Plato Farm

Over the past few months talk of Plato Farm, an upcoming play-to-earn blockchain game, has spread around the crypto world. Although not yet officially launched, a few gamers have received access to a beta version. So far the feedback has been fantastic, with the community and interest for the game increasing dramatically since the beta. But what exactly is all the hype about? 

Plato Farm is an upcoming NFT game that supports HRC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols. Players are tasked with growing plants and raising livestock on a small farm to earn MARK and PLATO tokens. These tokens can then be used to purchase a range of NFT items that help them turn their barren lands into thriving farms and communities. 

As a player, your farmland might start out small and meager. The project itself however is anything but small. PlatoF arm just raised a whopping $1.8 million in its latest seed financing round. The top financiers are some of the biggest names in crypto venture capital including Block Venture, one of the top VCs in Silicon Valley, and Chronos, a top Russian venture capital firm. Other VC firms joining in the fundraise include Cipholio Ventures, Web4 Venture, OP Crypto, Formless, K&R Limited, ZBS Capital and a few other institutions.

How Can You Get Started?

You can download Plato Farm from their official website at Alternatively, you can search for “Plato FarmPro” in the Apple Store to download. Once downloaded, you can create a new wallet in the game and set a password to keep your account safe. 

How Does The Game Work?

Plato Farm works using a range of NFTs that can be purchased, sold and upgraded for a profit. The most popular options include animals, plants, seeds, processing plants, products, tools and other props. Here’s a breakdown of the different options. 


The easiest way to get started on Plato Farm is by planting seeds. These come in the form of fruit, trees and other crops and take a certain period of time before they grow into new NFTs. Once grown, they can be sold for tokens, or taken to processing plants to be turned into new NFTs. The main crops for new players are wheat, corn and cucumber. 


After planting some initial crops, players can then move on to livestock. They can begin by purchasing animals such as chickens, pigs and sheep, all of which will produce animal products such as eggs, bacon and wool. These products come in the form of NFTs and can be sent to processing plants to create additional products. Alternatively, they can be sold straight away for tokens.


Processing is a great way for players to take their NFTs to the next level. All crops and animal products can be taken to the processing plant to be turned into new NFTs. These include bread, feed and popcorn, all of which can be told for more tokens than the crops and products themselves. 


If farming isn’t your thing then players also have the option to harvest minerals. In the mine, players can purchase NFT tools such as explosive barrels, trolleys and pickaxes to harvest platinum, gold and several other valuable items. 

Starting Costs

When starting out, players will need to begin by investing in land. Once purchased, they will then need to buy the seeds needed to farm crops, as well as any animals they want on their farm. Although not officially launched, it’s estimated that the time period from planting to NFTs is around 3 days to one week, depending on what’s being produced. The same applies to different tools, with more expensive tools harvesting faster than lower-cost alternatives. 

Earning Potential 

Although the game is still relatively new, there is a huge potential to earn an income for new players. As the popularity of the game continues to increase, so will the price of the NFTs that players hold. This means early adopters can quickly get ahead of the crowd, building a highly profitable farm before mass adoption. 

With a wide range of ways to earn, players can also choose to specialize on their farms. They can become mineral specialists, crop farmers or they can focus on animal products. Alternatively, players can become a jack of all trades, offering a wide range of products for other players. The game already has a lot of potential and a community that continues to grow each day. This makes it one of the most exciting new games in the blockchain industry, with huge potential to take off.

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