Planetarium’s Nine Chronicles Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Achieving Milestones


Planetarium, an open-source gaming platform designed to transform the longevity and monetization of games, is celebrating Nine Chronicles’ first anniversary since its launch. 

Nine Chronicles is an innovative open source role-playing game that is built on Planetarium’s blockchain infrastructure to enable a peer-to-peer network that revolutionizes the gaming industry.

The vision for planetarium was realized as far back as 2018, when the idea of blockchain gaming was still a foreign concept even to most in the crypto and blockchain space. Planetarium is transforming the longevity of gaming platforms through an open-source platform that gives power over the gaming platform to the players as opposed to the centralized entities that monopolize the gaming industry.

How Nine Chronicles works

Just as Bitcoin’s blockchain protocol enables the cryptocurrencies to run autonomously without interference from a centralized entity, Planetarium offers game developers the building blocks that enable them to build games that can never shut down. 

As Planetarium’s games are built on the blockchain, in-game assets are also tokenized in the form of cryptocurrencies or NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and players have full ownership of the in-game items and assets they collect. 

Also, players can contribute to the further development of the gaming platform either through creating forks of the original game or voting for new updates and changes in the game. 

With this play-to-earn gaming model that Planetarium’s Nine Chronicles is pioneering, early adopters, investors, and players from over 140 countries worldwide have already jumped on board for the 100% on-chain game. 

The tremendous support received by the Nine Chronicles team has seen the application rank among the top 5 blockchain-based gaming platforms in terms of trading volume as thousands of players emerge to run nodes in support of the Nine Chronicles network. 

In this article, we look at some of the highlights and milestones Nine Chronicles and the team at Planetarium have achieved on the first anniversary. 

Nine Chronicles: A serverless Gaming Experience

In the beginning, the idea of having a game that runs completely on the blockchain was nothing more than a dream. While the idea was theoretically achievable, blockchain’s limited scalability prevented any practical implementations of the concept. 

However, thanks to more than 2500 nodes powering the network daily, Nine Chronicles offers a fully operational serverless gaming experience. With an established framework, Nine Chronicle’s NCG token has seen its price skyrocket by 20x since 2020 with the market realizing an 80 million $NCG trading volume year to date. 

A Growing Community of Nine Chronicles Players

A decentralized game is nothing without the support of its community. Even though Nine Chronicles is built with longevity in mind, without a reliable community of players the entire platform loses its relevance. Over the past year, Nine Chronicles has seen the distribution of 896K NCG tokens to more than 4,000 players who battled their hearts out in the game. 

At the moment, the application boasts 35K players spread across 143 countries worldwide. There are over 60 content creators onboard who have created more than 3600 pieces of content. Plus, Nine Chronicles’ Discord and Twitter channels have amassed 37K and 43K followers respectively.

So far, the Nine Chronicles community has earned over 15 million NCG tokens throughout the first year of Nine Chronicle’s existence. What’s more, there have been more than 9 million on-chain battle events held in the game, and the platform’s in-house decentralized marketplace has seen more than 472,000 NFTs change hands. 

Funding and Partnerships

In the past year, Nine Chronicles has raised $13 million from prominent VCs and public backers. Nine Chronicles has so far partnered with Animoca Brands, Hashed, Divergence Ventures, IDEO Colab, Sfermion, Sky Vision Capital, Hypershere Ventures, The Sandbox, and many more. 

Growing Game Features and Ecosystem

Another milestone achieved by Nine Chronicles is the launch of a Play2Earn portal in line with its goal of establishing a play-to-earn gaming model. Over this one year, more than 2 million NCG tokens have been distributed to players under the Play2Earn model.

Nine Chronicles has also introduced monster collection features, rolled out an ecosystem support program for content creators and developers as well as launched an Ethereum bridge that was used to bridge over 66 million NCG and WNCG. 

A community suggestion box has also been implemented on the platform through Nine Chronicles’ Improvement Proposals where ideas and suggestions from the community are gathered. Finally, Nine Chronicles has also launched a feature-complete new block explorer through its ecosystem partners. 

Conclusion: Future Plans

Going forward, Nine Chronicles hopes to set the pace for the future of online play-to-earn gaming. One of its plans is to develop Nine Chronicles Economy 2.0, where a new design team composed of players, advisors, and Planetarium will collaborate to establish the next phase of growth of Nine Chronicles’ in-game economy.

Nine Chronicles is set to also soon introduce a new inflationary sub-currency specifically designed for the platform’s play-to-earn model. Going forward, players will be able to connect to full nodes on Planetarium’s network and play instantaneously without syncing the entire chain. This will be similar to making crypto transactions within the wallet and thus will provide a huge boost to the overall gaming experience.

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