Pepe Coin Trading Explodes, Traders Buy 10% of Golden Inu ICO Supply, Tamadoge & Floki Inu Get New Listings

Pepe, Floki Inu, and Golden Inu Memecoins All Showing Bullish Indications
Pepe, Floki Inu, and Golden Inu Memecoins All Showing Bullish Indications

The memecoin mania is back.    Floki Inu  and Tamadoge got listed on two new crypto exchanges just days ago, giving bag holders a nice return on investments.   Meme cryptocurrency Golden Inu  had a huge uptick in interest, surging past 10.4% of their funding goal for a new Intial Coin Offering presale.  And of course, ‘Pepe,’ the social media meme trying ot ‘Make Memecoins Great Again,’ saw an explosion in trading volume; Decrypt reports one $250 risk-taker now has over $1-million in their wallet. All of this and additional activites not only indicate, but actually prove high yields from Memecoin tokens is still very possible in 2023.

Golden Inu [$Golden] ERC20 & BEP20 Tokens

Golden Inu, the meme coin that’s going to launch their own decentralized crypto exchange later in 2023, has two tokens on their roadmap’s design.  The 2 coins will be used to fuel their cross-chain swap activites between the Binance-Chain and Ethereum blockchain.

The second coin, the erc20 network $Golden token, is currently available for purchase in a pre-ICO stage [buy here]. There was an impressive spike in buying activity over the weekend as 10.42% of the ICO presale’s supply was purchased.  Round 1 of 4 funding rounds, investors are trading their Ethereum [$ETH] tokens in for the $Golden token, expecting a similar return on investment as those gotten from the paired, bep20 version, which will be needed for cross-chain swaps.

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The first $Golden token created, a bep20 token, was launched back in April 2023 via another presale & Initial Coin Offering funding round.  The binance-chain token was then launched on PancakeSwap for public trading just over a month later.

Investors saw a  +700% gain at its peak.    In the last 24 hours, investors saw the token yield nearly a +7% return,  with more joining the bullish activity upward. Trading volume on DexScreener reports there was nearly 285% more buyers than sellers, indicatinging ‘hodl culture’ is strong with the token.

Upon the release of the “$Golden Exchange,” a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that will be pushed across South America, the erc20 token’s returns could exceed the +700% gains  yielded from the bep20 presale.

Flooz,  a trusted fiat onramp to purchase crypto,  just added the $Golden token to its listings.  This may be the reason for the increase in buyer activity

PEPE ($PEPE) ERC20 Token

Memecoin Pepe is another erc20 token that’s seen explosive growth recently.  Though it’s seemingly been on a downward spiral the last 6 hours,  losing -26% in value, it took a wild bull ride yesterday.

The viral PEPE frog meme design is known across the world due to social media memes.   And it was brought into cryptos shortly ago, donning a hat that says “Make Memecoins Great Again ” —  a play on former US President Donald Trump’s MAGA brand.

The $Golden bep20 token has outperformed $PEPE Monday morning, but last week was another story judging by a story on Decrypt.  The crypto news site claims a $250 investor saw incredible yields, making him a memecoin millionaire. However, Cryptopotato exposed that the astronomical yields were not liquidable yet and essentially impossible.

Watching Liquidity Pools of Popular Memecoins

Another win for the $Golden token on Binance in terms of new tokens trying to overthrow its dominance thus far this year.     The Golden Inu token’s founder has stressed the importance of liquidity and cash reserves since their launch.    The $Golden token has over $1 liquid cash per $3 of tokens on the market.

In comparison, $PEPE memecoin has $1 liquid cash per $66 in coins on the market according to Dexscreener stats.  Shiba Inu has $1 liquidity per $86 in crypto-coins circulating the market.    And these types of stats are a common scenario across the market.  It’s also the reason major crypto brands like FTX, Voyager, and others became insolvent [bankrupt].  In a bank run they could not pay all the investors.

Binance has been the most ‘stable’ in the face of any bankruns, proving it has more than enough liquid cash to payout all customers on its exchange.   In fact, the company has so much funding, it’s even bought out rival brands, paying off their debts to expand their own reach.

Floki Inu ($FLOKI) BEP20 Token

Memecoins like Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) and Floki Inu ($FLOKIi) are prized tokens on the Binance network because of their closeness to the brand.

Floki Inu, though it has only $1 liquid cash per $150 tokens in circulation, it’s been gaining various favors from Binance.  It was recently listed on the Binance.US crypto exchange and lept in value by nearly +200% before seeing a correction.  It’s currently up just under 100% since the April 24th listing. also listed a ‘coin data’ page for Golden Inu just 3 days ago in the coindex.   It could be a sign that the world’s top exchange is also about to list $Golden for trading.   If trading of the Golden Inu token is allowed on Binance or Binance US, token value would likely appreciate by +XXX% minimum and up to +XXXX%, due to current trading volume and market capitalization being limited to just PancakeSwap & Flooz.

Other popular memes coins are also making progress this week:

  • Shiba Inu’s planning to launch their own cold wallet, expanding their crypto product catalog.
  • Dogecoin ($DOGE) mining just got easier as Bit Mining’s L4 machine was created to aid the cryptocurrency’s production.
  • Tamadoge was listed on ByBit Exchange last week
  • BabyDoge was made available to Trust wallet users
  • Last, Golden Inu liquidity, original ownership [founder information],  and smart contract security was verified by ‘Assure Defi.’

For meme-coin traders, now is a time to watch the news.  There are still opportunities of +200% to +1000% gains in just a few months. However, all must do their due diligence on brand news and analytical data trends.

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