Pepe coin (PEPE) and Miladys Coin (LADYS) Investors sell for the next big 10,000% opportunity in (SCPT)


Crypto investors capitalized on Elon Musks tweet yesterday in which he sent Miladys NFT collection and Miladys coin (LADYS) on an incredible run, beating the single day volume of any other token this month. That is except one – Pepecoin (PEPE). That move turned out to be a wise investment decision as the coin grossed over 5,000% appreciation within just 15 days of its official launch. The astronomical growth in that timeframe didn’t go unnoticed in the cryptocurrency industry. Today we look at the token that is not a meme coin, but fast becoming one of the most talked about projects in the space.

PEPE’s Price Projection for May 2023

Recently, the PEPE coin recorded a 24-hour trading volume of over $250 million. This is testimony to its huge number of followers and investors who are actively engaging in its community regularly.

PEPE’s impressive resume notwithstanding, some investors are shopping for the next promising project with the potential for a mouthwatering return on investment as an investment alternative to PEPE. Script Network checks their boxes; a major reason why other tokens’ holders are investing heavily in the SCPT token.

What is Script Network?

Script Network is a new crypto project that is attracting all types of cryptocurrency stakeholders, from investors to critics. Experts predicted that the promising and fast-rising project will appreciate by a whopping 10,000 in 2023, raising potential investors’ confidence in the project.

The investment-worthy cryptocurrency project gives a new meaning to the gaming and crypto industry with its watch-to-earn innovative ideas. The project’s investors won’t only enjoy their favourite games, sports, or movies on the platform but earn mouthwatering rewards in the process.

Script Network offers several earning opportunities besides trading. SCPT holders can earn the token by minting a ScriptGlass. Each distinct ScriptGlass they mint attracts daily rewards without costing them upfront costs.

Holders can also earn handsome rewards when they assist with securing and scaling the network’s future when they stake their tokens or run a node to secure the network.

If you’re a movies or games lover, you’re allowed to monetize your passion on the platform. Choose from the 6 channels and multiple programs that are available on the platform and entertain yourself. You will be handsomely rewarded for the time you spend watching such programs.

To make it more enticing, the team offers 100s of hours of movies and TV shows for free. You have a lifetime opportunity to binge-watch your chosen cartoons, movies, and sports for free and earn attractive rewards.

Script Network Presale

Script Token is available for sale on the network’s official website via Prospective buyers are required to have $ETH on the Ethereum blockchain to be eligible to buy the token. If you don’t have ETH, purchase it on any credible exchange to buy the SCPT token.

After acquiring ETH, connect it to your Web3-compatible wallet such as Trust Wallet. Navigate to your dashboard and swap your $ETH for $SCPT through a simple and straightforward process.

Your financial future is in your hands. Script Network helps crypto investors like you to create bright future through investment diversification while having fun. You can become a part of this growing community by investing in SCPT today.

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