Penetration testing for Android applications

If you work in IT, you’ve probably heard more than once about hacker attacks and data theft from your company and your customers. Today we want to tell you what android penetration testing is and who does it. 

What is pentesting? 

Thieves never sleep, at night they intensify their activity not only on the street but also behind their computer screens. We are talking about hackers who want to attack your application and steal your data and that of your customers. To prevent such attacks, pentest was invented for applications and sites, which can identify all the weaknesses of your resource and help solve these problems in security. 

Who does pentesting?

A pentester is one of the most ambiguous professions in the field of IT. They hack websites and applications, they look for weaknesses, but they do it all for good. It’s like a cybersecurity specialist who tests systems for vulnerabilities, but at the same time, many people perceive him as a hacker. Penetration testers perform a huge number of interactions with systems to detect bugs and non-standard behavior, that is, embedded features that were not described in the original code. 

Why do companies need Android penetration testing?

You must have heard about database leaks, bank hacks, or cryptocurrency theft. Companies need pentesting services to learn about their vulnerabilities, fix them in time and avoid consequences and threats from real attackers. If you do not know where to order such service, we can safely recommend you Hacken mobile pentesting, as this company is a leader in pentesting, and experienced specialists will do everything quickly and reliably. They emulate attacks to improve business protection – analyze perimeter security of organizations, applications, websites, online and mobile banks, and forums. Companies bring in Hacken not only to identify vulnerabilities but also to analyze their cyber threat response centers, to see if Internet security specialists find out about attacks in time and if threats are correctly tracked and prevented.  

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