PayPal’s Stablecoin PYUSD Struggles to Find its Footing

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PayPal, the global financial tech behemoth, recently unveiled its very own stablecoin: PayPal USD or PYUSD. But current on-chain analytics suggest the digital currency is struggling to gain momentum.

A Glance at the Numbers

Blockchain analysis powerhouse Nansen reveals a startling fact: nearly 90% of all PYUSD is hoarded within Paxos Trust’s digital wallets, the firm responsible for issuing the stablecoin. Meanwhile, a mere 7% can be traced back to crypto exchange wallets like Kraken,, and

One would expect broader adoption among savvy, professional investors who typically make well-calculated decisions. Yet, their engagement with PayPal’s digital offering is almost non-existent.

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When PayPal introduced its stablecoin in August, the cryptocurrency domain buzzed with anticipation. Many experts speculated that this move would usher in a new era, introducing cryptocurrency to the masses. However, despite a user base exceeding 350 million globally, only a handful have shown interest in PYUSD during its inaugural weeks.

A significant observation is the lack of enthusiasm among crypto enthusiasts for PYUSD, especially when other alternatives are available. Does this indicate PayPal’s strategy targeting a different user segment?

An Overview of Decentralized Exchange Participation

Decentralized exchanges, like Uniswap, show minimal activity. Pairs like PYUSD/wETH and PYUSD/USDC depict fewer than 50,000 tokens in circulation. Delving into individual holder metrics, there’s only lukewarm interest. Notably, the most prominent non-exchange PYUSD holder has less than $10,000 invested.

What’s intriguing? This investor turned to PYUSD after liquidating three meme coins. Furthermore, a scant number, fewer than ten holders (excluding contracts and exchanges), boast a balance surpassing $1,000.

It’s worth noting that PYUSD has been in circulation for just under three weeks. Its entry was surprising, sans any preceding announcements or hints.

The Technical Framework of PYUSD

Aligned with the U.S. dollar, PYUSD is a brainchild of Paxos Trust Co. It operates on the Ethereum framework and is fortified by dollar deposits and comparable cash reservoirs. Its inception triggered a spirited competition in the crypto landscape. Case in point: Circle, the genius behind USD Coin, recently broadcasted its expansion to six blockchains, aiming to amplify its foothold.

While PYUSD’s initial performance may appear underwhelming, the cryptocurrency world is unpredictable. As the coin matures and strategies evolve, only time will reveal its destined path in the crypto tapestry.

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