PayPal’s Cryptocurrency Holdings Skyrocket Past $1 Billion


PayPal, the renowned online payments platform, has experienced a significant appreciation in its digital asset balance as the cryptocurrency market continues to expand quarter after quarter. With nearly $1 billion worth of crypto on its balance sheet by the end of Q1 2023, PayPal stands at the forefront of the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

A Deep Dive into PayPal’s Digital Assets

According to a 10-Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), PayPal held a staggering $943 million in customer-owned cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC) as of March 31, 2023. It’s important to note that all of the crypto assets held by PayPal are owned solely by its customers.

This represents a 56% rise in customer crypto assets from the previous quarter, amounting to a $339 million increase. This growth aligns closely with Bitcoin’s impressive 72% surge during the same period, from $16,547 on December 31 to $28,478 on March 31.

PayPal’s digital asset holdings consist of $499 million in BTC, $362 million in ETH, and an additional $82 million combined in BCH and LTC. The company’s 10-Q filing outlines its commitment to providing customers with a seamless platform to buy, sell, receive, send, and hold cryptocurrencies. Customers can also use the proceeds from their sales to purchase goods and services at the checkout.

PayPal states in the filing, “We maintain the internal recordkeeping of our customers’ crypto assets, including the amount and type of crypto asset owned by each of our customers.”

Protecting Customers and Expanding Crypto Capabilities

The payments giant has also emphasized its dedication to safeguarding customers from unauthorized crypto transactions, offering protection against unauthorized purchases, sales, and transfers up to a lifetime limit of $50,000.

In June, PayPal expanded its crypto services by enabling customers to withdraw digital assets to personal wallets. The move demonstrates a continued commitment to enhancing the cryptocurrency experience for users.

PayPal Leadership Embraces the Crypto Revolution

Dan Schulman has been an outspoken advocate for cryptocurrencies, expressing his bullish stance on digital assets during a web summit event 2020 following his admission of personal Bitcoin ownership in 2019. In March 2022, he stated that Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, and digital wallets have the potential to “redefine a lot of the financial world going forward.”

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has also acknowledged the transformative power of Bitcoin, suggesting that it could challenge the global strength of the US dollar. Despite this, Thiel’s venture capital firm liquidated all of its crypto holdings in 2023 after an 8-year holding period.

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