Pay Changer Combines A Crypto Payments App With Investing And Income-earning Opportunities

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Pay Changer is the world’s first cryptocurrency payment app for everyday payments. It builds on the momentum of cryptocurrencies and how the changing global financial system will affect businesses, consumption, and the general perception of money.

Consumers and merchants have become accustomed to using digital payment platforms. While convenient, these solutions also introduce a bureaucratic aspect and high fees. There is much to be desired in the digital payments landscape, and Pay Changer aims to provide a much better user experience. As an alternative to traditional online banking, all app users gain unprecedented financial freedom.

The new crypto-driven app is designed to combine payments with investing and income-earning features. As a decentralized payment service, it lets buyers and sellers transact via profitable mutual settlements. In addition, its smart contract ensures transaction speed and security without relying on intermediaries.

Furthermore, the new payment solution introduces income from participation through its proof-of-progress scheme. As a result, a portion of every transaction is distributed among all ecosystem participants. That model ensures buyers and sellers earn rewards for their transactions. Moreover, it creates incentives and opportunities for investors and users alike.

Pay Changer Founder and CEO Serhii Moskalenko adds:

“I have desired a “dream project” since I was young. About one that will allow you not only to earn money but also give you a reason to get up in the morning happy. Ideally, I would like to help others in this). I am glad that the team and I have already managed to ensure the success of Pay Changer. There is a long way ahead, but I am sure that everything will work out!“

The ecosystem features a rating structure to determine the app’s most active users. That activity is tracked through a “leaderboard,” which distributes rewards to the most active users.

Pay Changer has a $1 billion issuance protection to provide users peace of mind. In addition, the project has undergone rigorous code audits, and the team holds the necessary operating licenses. Moreover, their wallet is non-custodial, allowing users to retain control over funds at all times.

A crucial step is expanding the number of ecosystem participants. To do so, the team introduces an affiliate program featuring two-way cashbacks, earning extra income through subscriptions, and more. These subscriptions are optional for accessing the services and products under the overarching brand but are valuable for those looking to increase their earnings.

The presale for the native PACH token is currently underway. Users can pick up tokens in round 1 for $0.02 each, with two more rounds – at $0.025 and $0.03 per PACH – to follow. The token provides access to services and products under the Pay Changer banner. There are 1 billion PACH in total, with 90% of the supply locked in a smart contract until the app goes live.

Participate in the PACH presale today and become part of the modern payment network revolutionizing the lives of all of its participants!

About Pay Changer

Pay Changer aims to help cryptocurrencies become a more mainstream payment instrument for everyone. It provides financial freedom to all users. The future of the crypto industry hinges on simple everyday purchases and equal earning opportunities for all.


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