PaxGold (PAXG) and Helium (HNT) Continue to Plunge While Whales Buy Into Flasko (FLSK) Presale


The global cryptocurrency market is showing signs of recovery, but while some coins recover, others are not. However, with the recent rally, investors are relieved as they can take a fresh look at the market after the previously incurred losses. 

A look at the current market shows that PaxGold (PAXG) and Helium continue to decline. At the same time, alternative investments like Flasko, which shows promise to investors, have attracted the attention of whales who intend to buy into its presales. 

PaxGold (PAXG) Is Showing Little Signs Of Recovery

PaxGold (PAXG) is a cryptocurrency pegged to the value of gold. As seen in Binance, data shows PaxGold (PAXG) currently trading at $1,642 after a 0.16% rally in the past 24 hours. PaxGold (PAXG) has a current circulating supply of 325,209.48 since it is minted based on the user’s demands and therefore doesn’t have a maximum supply. 

PaxGold (PAXG) currently has a current trading volume of 12.82 million. PaxGold (PAXG) is supported by top crypto exchanges like FTX, Binance, and Kraken, and has several user-generated liquidity pools. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the price of gold has rallied since investors took gold to secure a safe investment. 

In February, PaxGold (PAXG) went from $1,80842 to $1,896.83, a 4.8% price increase. This surge increased in March as the price rose by more than 8.4%. But following the general market decline, the price began to dip over the past months, as seen in its 90-day 7.86% price decrease. Even with the one-day price surge, investors aren’t keen on new upward movement since no market sentiments predict an uptrend. 

Helium (HNT) Price On A Steep Decline Despite Company Announcements

The crypto winter affected many cryptocurrencies, and Helium (HNT) token was not left out. Even with the announcement of two related cryptocurrencies, Helium’s (HNT) token price plummeted by nearly 4% over the previous day. In August, the company released the news of the IoT and the MOBILE launch.

These tokens were meant to give node operators incentives to help cover Helium’s network coverage. However, these announcements did little to improve the price of Helium (HNT) tokens. Helium (HNT) token currently trades at $3.79 with a daily trading volume of $3.86 million. Analysts predict that this decline will continue and might last till the next bull run, which might not be anytime this year. 

Flasko (FLSK): Successful Presale As Whales Buy Massively

With Flasko, investors can now invest in luxury wines, champagnes, and whiskeys. Flasko lets investors trade in fractionalized and minted NFTs backed by rare wines, whiskeys, and champagnes. Additionally, a complete purchase of an NFT would ensure that the investor gets his assets delivered to his chosen location.

Flasko will also partner with luxury wine start-ups to ensure that the products enter the market. Analysts predict Flasko will likely surpass many top cryptocurrencies in the coming months. Currently, Flasko goes for a price of only $0.77 and is anticipated to have a price surge in the coming months. 

Investing early into a cryptocurrency with the potential to be a future blue-chip investment provides the best returns. With Flasko passing its audits from Solid Proof and its liquidity that will be locked for 33 years, investors are assured of it being risk-free. Learn more about the project below by clicking on the links.





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