Panthera Trade – Dubai Signs Deal With Coinstore – Singapore

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Singapore – 07 June 2022
Foreign Exchange Trading Company Panthera Trade from Dubai has reached an agreement with Crypto Exchange from Singapore, namely Coinstore. This collaboration will complement the two companies in terms of technology, transaction security and of course the convenience of its users.
The facilities provided by Coinstore will make it easier for Panthera Trade users from all over the world to invest and trade Cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the entry of Panthera Trade will give Coinstore users more choices for trading in the future.
CEO of Panthera Trade said “This collaboration is our idea and with the support from the new Management team of Panthera Trade, this collaboration will bring Panthera closer to creating a giant Digital Economy Ecosystem, where everything is available from Crypto, Commodities, and Foreign Exchange”
Panthera investors themselves strongly support the plan of the new CEO, Nicky Harysyah, where Panthera’s old system will be strengthened in collaboration with Coinstore. For Coinstore, according to Mr Toh, “This collaboration will significantly increase Coinstore users. This giant trading company from Dubai is recorded to have 16 million users, who will now have more complete trading and investment options.
Of course, in the crypto world, this collaboration will have a good impact, making more people understand that there are many investment options in this digital economy era.


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They have 180 employees worldwide and are distributed in Dubai, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and other countries, serving more than 800,000 registered users in 175 countries. provides quick and smooth cryptocurrency trading services, derivatives business, OTC services, and NFT services for users worldwide. Coinstore Labs provides project executor customers with integrated solutions of “technology development, compliance counseling, integrated marketing, community operations, investment incubation” and so on.
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