Even amidst daily news of the crypto market sinking to new financial lows, the folks over at Pantera Capital have continued to remain optimistic about the future of this nascent market.

Talking to a gathering of crypto enthusiasts and investors at a conference recently, Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, let it be known that he believes that “blockchains are the next step in the evolution of equity”. If that wasn’t enough, he then went on to say that he believes that cryptocurrencies are superior to regular “fiat based assets” and will be the biggest disruptors of the conventional financial sector.

Morehead: The Ever-Bullish Crypto Backer

It is worth noting that Morehead has time and again stayed highly optimistic about the crypto market, even going as far as saying that this market could be worth anywhere between $4-$40 Trillion in the coming few years.

With that being said, the performance of Pantera’s very own Digital Asset Fund has dropped by over 20%– which is not a very positive development moving forward.

When asked about when the right time to invest in crypto was, Morehead said:

“The current climate is actually a good time to increase your position. It’s highly likely to be the low point for the industry and my view is that it’s going to return to its bullish trend soon”

Buffet vs Morehead

Earlier this year, while giving a keynote speech at the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting, Warren Buffet, one of the leading investment voices within the world of finance, likened Bitcoin to rat poison.

When asked about Buffets stance towards the digital asset market, Morehead was noted as saying:

“If Bitcoin is rat poison; it’s the banks and credit card companies that are the rats.”

Crypto is Not For The Faint-Hearted

While talking about his optimism regarding blockchain, Morehead offered a host of reasons for the technology being a tangible way to move money “without the need of third-party actors”.

He then went on to say that much like the internet, Bitcoin and other similar alt-coins are a long-term technological solution. Morehead then commented on the potential value of these digital assets and stated:

“Many of the funds invested in bitcoin have the potential to rise in value 25 times., which is not something you see in other investment opportunities.”

Final Take

Companies like Pantera are disrupting the way in which traditional financial companies have run for over half-a-century. And while losses are to be expected when dealing with such uncharted territory, the fact that independent financial players are able to have such a massive impact on the global economy is a promising sign, to say the least.

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