PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Huobi Exchange Eager To List Avorak AI After ICO Sell Out


Exchange listings can make or break a crypto project, and a listing on a reputable exchange can bring in more investors, increase liquidity, and boost the project’s overall reputation. It’s no wonder why many blockchain projects strive to get their coins listed on popular exchanges like PancakeSwap and Huobi.

PancakeSwap Exchange Listing

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange built on the Binance Smart Chain. It has quickly become one of the most popular exchanges in the DeFi space due to its low fees, fast transactions, and user-friendly interface. The biggest centralized exchange (CEX), Binance, has invested in the DEX, cementing its position as the most prominent decentralized exchange on the BSC network.

Avorak AI is one of the latest projects to launch on PancakeSwap. Their initial coin offering (ICO) is currently ongoing and selling in record time, indicating a strong demand for their AI-powered platform. The team behind Avorak AI has made it clear that they are eager to get the token listed on PancakeSwap, but they are not stopping short there.

Huobi Exchange Listing

Huobi is another popular exchange in the cryptocurrency world. It has a strong presence in Asia and has been expanding its reach to other parts of the world. Huobi has a reputation for listing high-quality projects, which makes it a desirable exchange for blockchain startups.

Avorak AI has also expressed interest in getting listed on Huobi. This would be a significant milestone for the project as it would gain exposure to a broader audience. Huobi’s user base is primarily made up of traders and investors who are looking for promising projects to invest in. If Avorak AI is listed on Huobi, it will be able to tap into this user base and potentially see a significant increase in value.

Avorak AI – ICO Selling Out Fast

Avorak AI is an AI-powered cryptocurrency trading platform that uses advanced algorithms to make trades, provide accurate trading signals and give users insight into market structures. The team behind Avorak AI has developed a platform that they claim can outperform human traders but also provides a wide range of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT or Midjourney. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to both novice and experienced users at a fraction of the cost that is normally incurred by users.

Currently, AVRK, its native token, is available in the ongoing presale for $0.105 with an expected launch price of $0.27. Not only do early investors receive the token at such a low price and benefit from the enormous price increase, but they also receive bonuses on top of that.

Final Thoughts

Getting listed on popular exchanges like PancakeSwap and Huobi is crucial for the success of any blockchain project. These exchanges have a large user base and can bring in more investors and increase liquidity for the project’s token. Avorak AI has already generated a lot of interest in the cryptocurrency community, and getting listed on these exchanges will only increase its visibility and price.

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