Pancake Swap Crypto Exchange Lists $GOLDEN Token

Golden Inu, The Shiba Inu Killer, Shows Off Treasury Chest of Tokens
Golden Inu, The Shiba Inu Killer, Shows Off Treasury Chest of Tokens

New cryptocurrency $GOLDEN was added to the Pancake Swap exchange yesterday (see here).   This comes after the successful Initial Coin Offering that opened and closed Thursday afternoon.

In the second private funding round, the goal of 100BNB was reached by the “Golden Inu” cryptocurrency.    This ICO was accompanied with the launch of the beta version of BEP20 token’s Golden Quest job platform.

The ICO price was 17% lower than the opening price on Pancake Swap exchange.

The initial $GOLDEN token price on PancakeSwap exchange was US$0.00000153000.   According to Gecko terminal, it has increased 48% to $0.000000000002271

This is the first time the $GOLDEN token, a binance smart chain based cryptocurrency, is available to the general public.

The founder (@3TC on Twitter) and a web3 development team have been privately developing a community ecosystem for the last 6 months.    Their efforts were spawned from the failure of Shiba Inu ($SHIB) crypto brand failing to launch Shibarium.

Feeling ‘duped,’ a team of former $SHIB token holders banded together to form the “Golden Horde.”   A group of credible professionals, the former owner of Golden Inu has been verified through KYC or Know Your Customer, certifying legitimacy of the brand.

For those unaware, KYC is a FinTech and Financial Institution technology that’s been adopted by Federal governments across the globe to prevent fraud and crime in banking.  Most new crypto tokens will not do this.

The launch on Pancake swap further solidifies the new cryptocurrency as one with a legitimate future.     Out of the 22,000+ cryptos that exist today, under 3,300 have met the standards of this platform.

In addition to solidifying the legitimacy of the token brand, Pancake Swap has over 1.37-Million users as of February 2023. Listing on the popular decentralized crypto exchange should add massive support and funding to the new crypto project.  Golden Inu’s initial investment round raised an impressive  $30,000USD, but Pancake Swap Exchange has 127,000 active users daily.  A small percentage of support from this newly available crypto-traders audience could  put the token on a ‘rocket shit’ over the rest of 2023.

The development team of Golden Inu has shown on their roadmap that increased funding for their ‘Golden Treasury’ will accelerate the expansion of their crypto ecosystem.

Watch the official facebook page and website for updates.

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