Pachi Ice-cream is Using its Unique DogeCola taste for connecting crypto and food in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Pachi Ice-cream is carrying forward the revolution started by DogeCola, the famous name in the cryptocurrency world. The popular meme cryptocurrency DogeCola revolutionized the crypto industry by introducing its non-alcoholic beverage, DogeCola, thereby opening new doors for the use of cryptocurrency ($DOGECOLA) in the food and beverage industry. Crypto users have warmly appreciated this step by DogeCola. Such measures make ordinary people believe that the crypto world is not an alien world by showing them that cryptocurrency, apart from being traded, can also be used in more traditional ways. Several users have joined the crypto revolution for the first time, just after knowing about DogeCola’s new venture.

While many new projects are now trying to adapt to this new revolution, Pachi Ice-cream, one of the biggest and oldest names in the ice-cream industry, has made it happen by introducing its DOGECOLA ice-cream flavor. A well-known ice-cream parlor in Buenos Aires, Argentina, boasts a wide variety of new and innovative flavors. It is also one of the most favorite ice-cream brands in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Talking about the venture, there was a recent interview with Jordano, the CEO of the firm Pachi Ice-cream. In the interview, Jordano spoke about his acquaintance with DogeCola and what motivated him to start this new trend. 

According to the reports, he is very enthusiastic about his venture and made the following comments:

“My name is Jordano, the current owner of the firm “Pachi Ice-cream.”  The ice cream parlor was originally born in 1978, and I have been handling this shop for the last five years. Pachi has always been at the forefront of innovation in the creation of unique ice cream flavors. People send us messages asking us to make certain specific flavors.  We listen to them and make it a reality. We are always keen on using only the original ingredients in our ice-creams. For example, many customers asked us to make “Mate” ice cream, and we made it for them without thinking twice.”

Jordano further comments, “In the middle of this revolution, I got to know about the “DOGECOLA ” project. Soon after, I became interested in it and became its holder (with very little capital). I decided to be its holder because I believed a lot in the project’s concept, and I have a lot of faith in it. It will be great to see the drink in circulation, and when that happens, people will ask me to make ice cream from the drink. This made me think, “why wait for that moment?” So I decided not to wait and do it now.”

Soon after this, the CEO made up his mind and went ahead to make the “DOGECOLA ice cream.”

He says, “I wanted to make my clients aware of this crypto drink through my ice cream. I strongly believe that dogecola is the future, and at pachi we want to be on the rocket from the beginning. I also wanted to help with the project from my place.  Hopefully, this will only be a grain of sand and a refreshing breath of positive cheer for the developers.”

The ice cream is made with very pure Cola without any adulteration, making it a spectacular flavor!  Even the Customers are delighted with this drink,” says Jordano.

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