Ozuna and Orlinski : Art + Music NFT Collaboration


Once again, NFTs are hitting the marketplace and for good reason – people cannot get enough of them! Now Ozuna, one of the world’s most popular Latin American singers is releasing a collection of NFTs with famed French sculptor and pop-artist, Richard Orlinski. An Ozuna and Orlinski NFT is sure to be treasured by their fans.

What makes this so unique is the collaboration of two extremely popular artists within their respective fields. The collection is titled ‘El Oso & Wild Kong’ which will include Ozuna’s famous Teddy Bear logo and Orlinski’s sculpture of Wild Kong. The visual and musical aspects of the pieces have an almost other-worldly interaction, each gaining impact and meaning from the other.

Rarible has earned their place as the marketplace of choice for celebrities and artists to release their NFTs because it is an easy-to-use platform that allows almost anyone to purchase an NFT without having to get very technical or understand the intricacies of cryptocurrency.

The blend of music and sculpting make this collaboration both a rarity and an inspiration to the world. More collaboration brings larger audiences and more attention on not just the collection itself, but the concept of NFTs and how these digital collectibles are shaping the way celebrities release content to their fans.

There will be multiple editions in the collection, all with limited numbers, including a 1 of 1. This scarcity and the top-notch quality of the work drives increased demand and value among collectors.. Both Ozuna and Orlinski are not new to blockchain. Ozuna has released NFTs before and Orlinski has been quoted saying that blockchain technology helps build bridges between different types of art.

Orlinski’s belief is exactly the kind of mindset more people should adopt when it comes to cross-collaboration between artistic fields, like music and sculpting. People purchase NFTs not just because they are scarce or have famous people on them, they offer a way for fans to connect with their favorite artists in a way that has never before been possible.

With more and more celebrities and artists adopting blockchain technology, the use-cases of NFTs cannot be ignored. Now more than ever, people are beginning to understand what blockchain technology can do. NFTs are a great way for people to enter the blockchain space because the concept of owning a digital asset is not terribly foreign in today’s world of online bank accounts, peer-to-peer payments, and reward points.

As more people collect NFTs it is only natural that their interest in blockchain will grow, or at least stay interested in NFTs and help drive adoption not just by the masses but by thought-leaders, celebrities and athletes, as evidenced by superstars like Floyd Mayweather Jr. releasing his NFT collection, also on the Rarible marketplace.

The collaboration between Ozuna and Orlinski represents the beautiful combination of music and sculpting with breakthrough emerging technologies, like blockchain, is a very unique way for people to collect pieces from not just their favorite artist but also gain exposure to other forms of art, like sculpting that would normally never be in the same collaboration with a musician. This is the beauty of blockchain technology and mass adoption by way of NFTs. In the coming months, many more people will follow suit and create one-of-a-kind collaborations that expand the boundaries of creative expression in a way that would be impossible without blockchain technology.

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