Over $103 Million Stolen Via Crypto Exploits in April 2023: A Comprehensive Analysis

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April 2023 was a disastrous month for the cryptocurrency industry, with a staggering $103 million stolen from various crypto projects and investors. This alarming figure accounted for half of the total losses from crypto exploits in 2023. In addition, the month witnessed a surge in exit scams, flash loan attacks, and other malicious activities, leaving investors and projects reeling from the aftermath.

The Escalating Cost of Crypto Exploits

CertiK, a leading crypto security and auditing firm, published an April roundup detailing the extent of the losses. The firm disclosed that $103.7 million was lost in April, pushing the year-to-date losses up to a staggering $429.7 million.

Crypto exploits were particularly devastating, resulting in losses such as the $25.4 million taken from several MEV trading bots on April 3, the $22 million hot wallet exploit at the Bitrue exchange, and the $13 million loss due to the hack of South Korean GDAC exchange.

In total, crypto and DeFi exploits for the month amounted to $74.5 million, which accounted for around half of the $145 million exploited in the first four months of the year, according to CertiK.

Flash Loan Attacks and Exit Scams

April also saw approximately $20 million in losses due to flash loan attacks, with Yearn Finance being a primary target after a hacker exploited an outdated smart contract on April 13.

Exit scams accounted for $9.4 million in losses during the month, with the top exit scam being Merlin DEX, which lost $2.7 million. On April 26, CertiK reported that it was investigating a “potential private key management issue” at the exchange. 

This exit scam occurred even after the protocol was audited by CertiK, which had previously warned about centralization issues. In response, CertiK launched a compensation plan that urged the rogue developer to return 80% of the stolen funds, offering a 20% white hat bounty.

Crypto Exploits, Scams, and Rug Pulls on the Rise

Over 50 crypto exploits, scams, hacks, and rug pulls occurred in April alone. Many of these incidents involved memecoin rug pulls, demonstrating the continued volatility and risk of investing in such projects.

The most recent example was the Polygon-based Ovix protocol, which lost $2 million in a flash loan attack on April 28.

The unprecedented scale of crypto exploits in April 2023 underscores the urgent need for more robust security measures and regulations within the industry. Investors, projects, and exchanges must prioritize security and conduct thorough audits to mitigate risks and protect their assets from future attacks. 

Furthermore, the crypto community must continue to collaborate in sharing information and best practices to prevent and respond to these malicious activities effectively.

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