Oryen Network Price Registers 2X In A Short Period With IMPT And Nexo Investors Starting To Take Notice


Some blockchain-based companies are making waves in the industry for their recent stellar performance. In particular, Oryen’s price has registered 2X growth in a short period, with IMPT and Nexo holders starting to take notice. 

Oryen is entering the second presale phase with the price set at $0.10, triggering widespread stock-jobbing on Reddit and securing its position among the top DeFi currencies for 2022.

Oryen Network

Oryen Network is a DeFi initiative attempting to make the staking experience easier and more profitable for average users with its straightforward Oryen AutoStaking Technic. 

Oryen relies on complex factors to sustain its pricing and rebase incentives. It features Risk-Free Value (RFV) wallets backed by buy-and-sell fees. 

RFV wallets act as insurance funds to preserve price stability and the network’s long-term health. It assures a stable rebase rate of 0.00733% paid to all token holders every 60 minutes. 

These hourly rebases calculate 0.177% daily ROI and, eventually, fixed 90% APY.

The $ORY tokens are always retained in your wallet, so there is no need to stake them manually in the high-risk contract. The OAT method will automatically multiply rewards in your wallet, removing the need to learn about the stake/unstake process and preventing an extra tax levy on staking activities. 

SolidProof has successfully audited the Oryen Network smart contract. Therefore, the project is well-prepared to launch on PancakeSwap.

What Is The IMPT Token?

Besides Oryen, IMPT also sees strong presale sell-outs. IMPT is a cryptocurrency ecosystem aiming to be eco-friendly and contribute to environmental sustainability, as opposed to projects such as Bitcoin, which is famous for its high energy usage. 

This network presently connects users with thousands of well-known companies such as Amazon and Microsoft, providing them the choice to reduce their carbon impact while receiving IMPT currency as compensation.

Therefore, seeing support from such an exciting project is truly a vote of confidence for $ORY.

Nexo Performance

Nexo is a blockchain-based, cryptocurrency-backed lending system developed by the European FinTech firm Credissimo. Users can get a quick cash loan in USD or EUR by depositing compatible cryptocurrency coins and tokens into a Nexo wallet. The Nexo Oracle creates loan parameters, which are then saved in an Ethereum smart contract.

NEXO token holders are entitled to a 30% dividend on corporate income, distributed proportionally by token balance. Rewards are paid in their preferred currency. 

However, while NEXO is now selling well below its all-time high, investors are beginning to explore new glowing gems that have surged massively only in a short time.

Final Takeaway

Oryen’s recent price increase is just the beginning of this exciting DeFi project. With the support from IMPT and Nexo holders, Oryen Network will continue to thrive and provide investors with the returns they are looking for.

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Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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