Oryen Network Price Pumps Again, Tamadoge and Cardano Holders Attention Turns To $ORY


Oryen Protocol has recorded yet another price surge as its token reached the $0.10-mark one month after the presale launched. This price milestone is the latest from ORY, which offers crypto’s highest fixed APY through its staking platform. So far, the price pump has generated 100% gains for the earliest investors.

During the period that ORY jumped 2X, most cryptocurrency prices diminished, resulting in losses for investors. As a result, traders looking to recover from the downturn have laid eyes on the best-performing altcoins like ORY. The project has already recorded a surge in investors, with the token projected to reach $0.125 by early December 2022.

A Profit-making Alternative

Volatile crypto prices make investments a risky venture, primarily as the value of a token is often driven by pure speculation. So, having a confident community that backs a crypto project will boost demand, increasing the potential to rise in value. Similarly, if investors express doubt about a crypto project, its tokens’ value might stagnate or plummet.

Oryen, which only recently started phase two of the presale, has received increased attention from seasoned crypto traders. The project’s staking platform offers ORY holders an auto-stake feature, which yields a 90% fixed APY or 0.177% daily ROI. After gaining 100% amid crypto’s bear markets, the earliest backers have been over the moon.

Predictably, investors of other projects like Tamadoge and Cardano shifted their focus to Oryen. Consequently, the demand for ORY continues to grow confidence among investors, preparing for another further price surge. In fact, ORY is outperforming some of the best altcoins this year.

Versatile Utility

However, Oryen offers low-fee staking with incredibly high returns, fully automated and simplified, to be as accessible as possible for any investor. Additionally, holders of ORY can rest assured that their funds are safe because the developers conducted a smart contract audit through SolidProof. This way, the platform prevents possible malicious attacks, identifies potential vulnerabilities, and fixes them.

Additionally, the value of the auto-staking platform is secured by an RFV wallet, while a treasury backs the guaranteed yield and payouts during challenging periods.

Moreover, Memecoins like TAMA offer minimal utility, even though the Play-to-Earn concept within the Tamaverse is an exciting approach. But further, the token significantly relies on hype to sustain its value. When the hype dies down, such coins drop rapidly. For instance, TAMA has fallen 85% in the month leading to November 2022.

Final Take

Investor confidence is critical for cryptocurrencies. Otherwise, a token relying on hype can only be valuable while the craze lasts. In contrast, ORY is building a vibrant community behind its powerful tools and staking ecosystem. 

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