Oryen Network Presale Live Surprises with Strong Performance, EOS and Dogecoin Also Look Strong


At 320% price increase in presale 7 and rising, ORY is pulling a spectacular performance that has surpassed its expectations. Of course, EOS and Dogecoin are also at their best performances, but ORY has surprised everyone.

A Sneak Preview of Oryen

Oryen, currently live in presale 7, has outperformed expectations by its astronomical rise in value from the initial $0.05 to the current $0.21. Additionally, at a launch price of $0.35, ORY holders will benefit equally from auto airdropping with no vesting rights applied.

Early investors are gaining big time through the daily returns of 0.177% compounded every 60 minutes. ORY guarantees a fixed APY of 90%.

ORY introduced new utility tools and innovation to the DeFi space, eliciting exciting sentiments from social networks across investor circles. For example, YouTube and the Reddit community are alive with discussions from enthusiasts like Jim Crypto, Darryl Boo, and Steven Clarke. In addition, business2community featured ORY in the list of promising and best-performing cryptocurrencies.

ORY’s accolades arise from its unique feature, the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT), that auto stake tokens for holders and computes returns every 60 minutes. As a result, investors will only buy, hold and enjoy returns in their comfort without complex staking strategies.

ORY provides a liquidity pool and a risk-free value (RFV) that cushion investor funds in unfavorable market conditions. SolidProof audit is the watchdog that caters to investors’ security and transparency.


Dogecoin is a payment system that started as a lighthearted option to traditional cryptos like Bitcoin. Their Dog meme logo reflects a popular Internet culture in which images of “doge” makes rounds on the internet to express amusement. Dogecoin is currently below its all-time high, prompting investors’ keen interest in ORY.


EOSIO is a blockchain platform that started in 2017 and allows developers to create decentralized applications (DApps). It aims to be the most efficient and scalable blockchain platform through smart contracts and DApps, and users can apply its token, EOS, for fast transactions. As a result, analysts believe it sprung up as a rival to Ethereum regarding transaction speeds.


Oryen’s prospects are catching the eyes of the equally strong EOS and Dogecoin investors looking for promising projects to diversify their portfolios. From the look of its current Presale, ORY’s take-off has begun!

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