Oryen Network Community Mood Uncannily Similar To Solana Right Before SOL’s Incredible 10X


It’s no secret that Solana has been on a tear lately, but what might surprise you is that the Oryen community is also feeling some serious optimism about the future of their project.

Oryen is a highly ambitious blockchain project that has been making waves in the crypto community. Their coin price has recently skyrocketed, with a surge of 320%. The project is expected to experience more growth as more people join.

At the same time, Solana has maintained its strong performance over the last few months. The two projects have many similarities that make them stand out from the crowd of blockchain projects.

Understanding Oryen

Oryen network has an outstanding staking feature, Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT). The OAT is a system that allows investors to make investments in a digital currency without having to worry about the technicalities of staking. This feature makes it easy for new and skilled traders to earn through staking. In addition, the OAT offers users the ability to earn hourly rewards with its Auto-Compounding feature. 

Oryen platform provides a 90% APY, which means investors can get 0.177% daily. This feature makes it stand out from other projects in the market. Also, unlike most other projects, this APY is guaranteed. It’s easy to see why this project has attracted huge Reddit community support. It has also been listed among the top altcoins to invest in in 2022.

Oryen is audited by SolidProof, which means that the platform has verified its integrity and legitimacy to investors. Crypto enthusiast and Youtuber Jim Crypto recently talked about the project on his channel, mentioning that he expects to see more growth as time goes on and more people learn about it.

Solana (SOL)

The Solana network operates incredibly swiftly and effectively thanks to a brand-new consensus method called proof-of-history. Solana delivers on all of Ethereum 2.0’s promises but 20 times more quickly. The system can grow to a million transactions per second and has a throughput of 50,000 at layer one. Furthermore, there are practically no transaction costs on Solana.

A large part of Solana’s recent success can be attributed to its NFT Boom and project advancements. 

Although Solana has solid fundamentals and is a highly efficient currency, an NFT project called “Degenerate Ape Academy” pushed the price of SOL to record levels.


If you’re looking for a new investment opportunity, Keep an eye on Oryen. The project has had an incredible run and shows no signs of slowing down. The recent trend is a strong indicator that this is a platform that’s going places.

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