Oryen keeps Rising with solid +120% gains for early buyers – Is it possible for the staking platform to overcome IMPT and Big Eyes?


The crypto industry portrays a bullish long-term potential due to several factors, including the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies by mainstream businesses and the rise of new projects that solve real-world problems. One such problem is finding a source of passive income.

Now suppose you’re looking to invest in a cryptocurrency that has the potential to change the way we earn passive income from the internet. Oryen Network should be your top choice in that situation. It is a new Defi project built on the belief that users should control their money and earn rewards without deep knowledge of code or financial products. As a result, the staking platform is fundamentally changing the way users can earn. Currently, ORY, the native token, is available in phase four of six of the ICO. It attained peak results of 120% profits for early buyers and sent the investors of IMPT and Big Eyes to turn their attention to this new platform.

Understanding the Oryen Network

Oryen Network has a distinct methodology to reap the rewards from staking. Oryen uses an automated stake-management mechanism called OAT (Oryen Autostaking Technic). Thanks to this method, owners of $ORY may easily acquire, hold, and profit from the platform. In addition, it enables users to get a fixed 90% APY, which makes it one of the best staking options available. 

Furthermore, Oryen has a unique anti-whale tax system set in place to discourage a massive sale of its tokens, which would, in turn, help avoid the token price from plummeting. The RFV Wallet, created by the Oryen team, enables a backup treasury to support the base price and maintain yield distributions amid low-volume trading conditions and market swings.

Moreover, Oryen Network is audited by SolidProof, a well-known and respected auditing firm within decentralized finance. Till today, the platform has amassed a vast community on applications like Telegram and Discord. The general sentiment among the in-the-know crypto enthusiasts is that this project will skyrocket in the coming months. For instance, popular crypto YouTuber Jim Crypto focused on Oryen in a video and named it one of the coins to watch out for in 2022. If you want to invest in this new platform, here is their upcoming presale schedule:

Presale Session Date ORY Price Purchase Bonus
Presale 2 02 Nov — 09 Nov $0.1 10%
Presale 3 09 Nov — 16 Nov $0.11 9%
Presale 4 16 Nov — 23 Nov $0.12 8%
Presale 5 23 Nov — 02 Dec $0.125 7%

What is IMPT?

IMPT is known to be one of the most environmentally-friendly projects of 2022, and it is set out to reduce carbon emissions to help the environment. In fact, some of the profits made by users of the IMPT platform will also be donated to organizations that support the environment. With the IMPT platform, you may purchase carbon credits that can be sold back. These credits can also be converted to NFTs, which can help prevent fraud. With such an innovative idea, the platform enjoyed the special attention of investors.

What is Big Eyes?

Big Eyes (BIG) is a revolutionary token created to fund a Defi ecosystem and safeguard the environment directly, specifically maritime sanctuaries. It is a unique token that offers its holders the chance to actively combat climate change and contribute to more sustainability.

In essence, it will dedicate 5% of its earnings to safeguarding the ocean, a crucial component of global ecology. Furthermore, it is launching its own NFT platform called the Sushi Crew, and only those NFT holders will have access to an exclusive community.

Key Takeaways

Oryen Network is a new decentralized staking platform that has the potential to change the way people earn income. Its ICO has already attained peak results and is only in phase four out of six. Therefore, investing in Oryen Network in 2022 is a wise choice, given that it can follow in the footsteps of BIG and IMPT.

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