Oryen Holders Savor 100% Price Increase With Little Sign Of Slowing, Alt Coin Experts Rotate Fantom Investments


On-chain analysis shows millions of dollars bridging from the Fantom network to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and targeting Oryen. This new DeFi protocol has already surged 100% and shows no sign of stopping. 


This small-cap crypto gem could easily be one of 2022’s best launches. It pays out market-leading returns, and this 90% APY remains fixed for all investors. Thanks to the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) system, Oryen has delivered a highly simplified wealth creation tool. 

Oryen shines as a DeFi protocol because it leverages smart contracts to do the heavy lifting on the backend. Complex mathematics and game theory are built into the OAT’s smart contracts that direct liquidity through the protocol. Building the treasury fund, deepening the liquidity pool, and allowing hourly positive rebases. Analysts see this 100% surge as the beginning of a much more significant rally.


Fantom’s ecosystem remains one of the most dynamic within DeFi. Partially thanks to the Fantom Foundations incentive program that attracted developers, but then this movement became organic. Fantom walks hand in hand with DeFi and exists as the most energetic and active space for developers and investors.

DeFiLlama shows more than two hundred and fifty DApps on the chain, and this number constantly grows. FTM, the native token, remains a favorite among traders and altcoin experts due to its volatility, allowing substantial profits even on intraday swings.  

Closing Thoughts

Oryen has gathered significant attention, and with a 100% rally, this was expected. Altcoin experts rotating from Fantom to Oryen is an incredibly bullish signal. Fantom investors remain some of the best at spotting value due to the sheer number of protocols that have thrived and died on Fantom. This movement will drive a further rally, and the real question is how high can Oryen go?

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