Orion Protocol Will Make Exploring The NFT Ecosystem More Straightforward

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Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, continue to take the world by storm. A lot of money is pouring into this space over the past few months, yet there are still some issues to address. Orion Protocol may offer a viable solution through its NFT aggregator.

A Better NFT Landscape For All Users

In its current form, the Non-Fungible Token landscape is confusing and fractured. Many different platforms and solutions exist, yet it can become troublesome to keep tabs on everything conveniently. With so many artists distributing their work across the platforms, collectors and investors often have a tough time keeping tabs on their portfolio. 

Changing that narrative will prove somewhat difficult until new solutions come to market. Orion Protocol is intent on broadening the appeal of the NFT landscape through its new marketplace aggregation solution. Every NFT marketplace will be aggregated into the Orion Terminal. Not only will this prove beneficial to existing NFT enthusiasts, but it also lowers the barriers for those who are new to this emerging industry. 

Solving the fragmented NFT situation itself will require a different approach. It is good to see competing ecosystems get recognition for their support of Non-Fungible Tokens. Many different blockchains can support this solution to empower artists and creators, yet the competition may also drive newcomers away. Orion Terminal aggregating these different marketplaces into one convenient user interface will offer a long-term solution for collectors and investors alike. 

As the different marketplaces compete for volume and visibility, they often struggle to contribute to the broader NFT ecosystem. Forcing sellers to choose which marketplace to use is normal, but the creators need access to a better UI and UX to reach their full potential. For sellers, the main objective is to explore markets with the best possible yield for their assets.

Another Boon For Orion Protocol

Given the position Orion Protocol is in as an aggregator of trading liquidity across centralized and decentralized exchanges, exploring the NFT space is a logical step. The Orion Terminal will be a valuable gateway to the cryptocurrency industry in its entirety. Whether one wants to buy, sell, or trade crypto-assets or dabble with NFTs, the Orion Terminal will provide access to it all. 

It is also worth noting Orion Protocol will launch its own set of NFTs in the future. Collectors of these NFTs will unlock special benefits on the Orion Protocol platform. Details on those benefits will be announced shortly. It is evident that Non-Fungible Tokens can serve many different purposes in the crypto industry, although it remains to be seen how things evolve in the future. 

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