Orion Protocol Launches Social Mining to Boost Community Engagement

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The Orion protocol is a blockchain initiative that gets a lot of attention. Through its social mining initiative, that focus will only increase. Giving ORN holders more options to earn rewards always an exciting development.

Orion Protocol Social Mining

In the cryptocurrency industry, earning rewards is not as easy as it may seem. This process often involves users completing several different activities. For Orion protocol, its social mining initiative will be somewhat similar. Users will be able to earn rewards for various activities. 

This new initiative is part of the ORION HUB project. It is designed to engage community members and existing ORN holders. They are responsible for taking the project to a new stage by actively engaging with other members. As a result, the engagement is monetized through distributing more ORN tokens and other rewards to participants. 

Current tasks that are eligible for rewards include:

  • Content Creation (videos, blog posts, infographics, etc.)
  • Content amplification (Twitter, 4chan, Reddit, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Technical Development
  • Design (graphic, web, interactive, etc.)
  • Content translation into different languages

Through this approach, the Orion Protocol team is confident they can make the community members more active. Word of mouth is often a better marketing tool than anything that costs money. Moreover, there are a lot of talented individuals in the cryptocurrency space. All tasks mentioned earlier will bring more awareness to what Orion Protocol sets out to achieve. 

Some Requirements To Take Note Of

To partake in the Orion Protocol’s social mining aspect, community members need to fulfill a few requirements. None of the measures pose any hurdle to participation. Particularly the requirement for owning 50 ORN or more will not diminish the overall enthusiasm in any way. ORN Is available for trading across multiple exchanges, and liquidity will not be an issue. 

One specific aspect to keep in mind is the mandatory KYC verification. Users need to complete level 1 KYC and link their social accounts to engage in social mining. This process will not pose too many hurdles either, as it is possible to complete it within mere minutes.

In the end, Orion Protocol enthusiasts will receive a reward for every task they complete successfully. How big or small the prize is in size will depend on the level of work required. 

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