Orion Protocol Becomes a Data Provider for Chainlink’s Price Oracles

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Chainlink is often praised for its decentralized price oracles. Orion Protocol is now one provider of real-time price data across the entire crypto market. By joining forces, both projects can focus on the next stage of development. 

Orion Protocol x Chainlink

Finding reliable price information is crucial to a lot of cryptocurrency users. Additionally, service providers – both as a DeFi solution or otherwise – need to find the right sources for this information. Many explore the services by Chainlink, a renowned venture for its decentralized price oracles. Those oracles are now sourcing data from Orion Protocol. 

Having the support of this DeFi platform is a big step forward for Chainlink. Through this partnership, price data from the entire crypto market becomes accessible. Both projects have been working together for some time. This new development further strengthens that ongoing collaborative effort. As Orion Protocol is an advanced liquidity aggregator, it is in a prime position to offer this invaluable service. 

As many projects tap into Chainlink and its decentralized oracles, this will be a good test for the new price data provider. Having broader access to external off-chain data will benefit a lot of companies and projects. It is a beneficial move for the DeFi industry and anyone else relying on Chainlink’s price oracles. 

Under the hood, Orion Protocol can source price data from all centralized and decentralized exchanges. Additionally, it has access to swap pools, which often contain millions of dollars in liquidity. By combining all of these data sources into reliable price feeds, traders will have a far better overall experience.

Another Big Step For Price Aggregation

Strengthening ties between Orion Protocol and Chainlink will prove beneficial to the broader cryptocurrency industry. Moreover, it marks another crucial milestone for OP’s development. As its Orion Terminal is now live for the public to access, tapping into more sources of liquidity will become easier. The Orion Terminal is still in the first iteration of development and will receive upgrades over time.

The way people trade cryptocurrencies need to change: relying solely on centralized or decentralized platforms is no longer a viable option. Traders need access to every source of liquidity to obtain assets at the best price. Orion Terminal appears to be the project capable of making that happen. 

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