Orion Protocol Aims to Boost Crypto Adoption With the Enterprise Trade Widget

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There are many aspects pertaining to Orion protocol that can be of great interest. Its Enterprise Trade Widget, for example, has the power to unlock a ton of functionality. In fact, it can transform the way crypto payments are handled today. 

Another Core Orion Protocol Feature

Many individual projects and services are part of the Orion Protocol suite. 

The Enterprise Trade Widget is designed to help non-crypto companies accept crypto tokens.

For a lot of non-crypto clients, it is of the utmost importance to begin using crypto project services.

More often than not, this requires integrating a utility token, which can be a logistical hurdle. 

Behind the scenes, the company integrating this solution needs to have an exchange account, obtain the utility token, withdraw funds when transactions are made, and so forth.

It is anything but a convenient solution, and it has held back global cryptocurrency adoption for many years now. 

Orion Protocol has come up with a way to solve this problem, as it removes all barriers between tokens and clients. 

By serving as a middle layer, there is no need to involve exchanges, maintaining a treasury, or anything else along those lines.

Instead, corporations will benefit from seamless token purchases from the open market without using any trading platform.

All of this can be accessed directly from the project’s platform by routing orders from exchanges, returning them for immediate use. 

Removing the barriers to entering the crypto world is one of the main selling points of Orion Protocol.

The Enterprise Trade Widget is a good example of what the technology is capable of. 

As there is little to no integration to be done, there is no reason for enterprises not to incorporate crypto token payments in one way or another. 

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