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Max and Stacy discuss voters taking the decision to go out like ON GOLDEN POND rather than BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID. This will lead to less conflict with China but perhaps more domestic problems for those left behind in the Rust Belt.

They chat to Giacomo Zucco about: Why Renaissance Florence created so many great artists and discoverers. They discuss the role of competition in creating the anti-fragile polymaths who inhabited Italy of that time. Giacomo gives a lesson in decentralization, centralization and the fragmentation of different standards as competing structures throughout history.

Max and Stacy follow up their conversation with Giacomo with a conversation about art. Max says that art removes fear, art gives you courage. The feeling you have looking at great art is fear leaving your body and being replaced by faith. That’s what great art does.

They throw to a video clip from Abe Cambridge of The Sun Exchange about telling your giga from your peta when it comes to watts.

Is it okay to climb into the refrigerator? Max will ask Abe Cambridge at the cocktails party on the 13 of November.

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