Max and Stacy chat about incidental surrealism and the modern day spiritualist charlatans of cable news using confirmation bias to trick their audience into thinking they are able to communicate with a dying empire. The Algonquin circle jerk exposes them as hucksters preying on the shell-shocked American voter traumatized by decades of bad economic policies and out of control money printing.

And now Twitter has also got into the seance business. Their message is: Don’t turn the light on when you hear the spirit knocking at the window because you’ll then ruin the illusion of communicating with the dead.

The Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Bitcoin – the evolution of governance. – the Quotable Keiser

They also chat to Michael Krieger, the poet laureate of the debt apocalypse, about bitcoin, localism and an era beyond voting every four years for more status quo. Michael also describes the circumstances behind the great tomato disaster of 2020.

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