Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with episode 3 of Orange Pill Podcast brought to you by THE SUN EXCHANGE: where you can start monetizing sunshine!

They chat to journalist and psychologist, Nozomi Hayase, about the psychology of bitcoin and the genius of its economic incentives that align us with human nature. Satoshi found a way to reconcile two opposing values: greed and altruism. Nozomi explains how bitcoin is ‘darkness,’ bitcoin is black. It is the source of light. It enables the fundamental right of religious freedom in terms of religion as a moral framework. The decentralized network of bitcoin challenge us to re-invent ourselves psychologically, distributing values of self interests, individual sovereignty, self-reliance, and mutual aid.

Madge Weinstein delivers a video communique from the underground where she declares her write in candidacy for president as the Madge Liberation Army. The two parties are pretty much the same and change is needed. Subscribe to her podcast at

Finally, Abe Cambridge of The Sun Exchange gives an overview on how much alternative energy – like wind and solar – has penetrated major economies around the world.

For those who prefer video, you can watch this episode (and all others) at the Orange Pill playlist on MaxKeiserTV.

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