Optimism (OP) Or Hedera (HBAR)? Go For Pomerdoge’s (POMD) 40x Gains


Ready to enter the crypto world and make an investment? Pomerdoge (POMD) must be in your portifolio. This new project has shown an enormous potential to rise more than 40x in the coming months.

Optimism (OP) and Hedera (HBAR) have also seen improvement in their network growth. However, their growth rate is not as convincing as that of Pomerdoge.


● Several big Layer-2 entities are utilizing Optimism’s OP Stack.

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● Hedera (HBAR) has launched Calaxy to attract new users to the network.

● Millions of presale Pomerdoge tokens are sold out.

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Optimism (OP) Notices Increase In Its OP Stack’s Adoption

The number of players in the Layer-2 landscape is increasing. Thus, investors have expressed concerns over the profitability of Optimism (OP). To address these apprehensions, Optimism has been working on expanding its OP Stack.

As per the latest data, several notable projects, including Debank, Celo, Binance, and Coinbase, are using Optimism’s OP Stack to construct their own Layer-2 solutions. Interestingly, all additional Layer-2 solutions that integrate OP Stack will allocate a portion of their earnings to Optimism’s treasury.

Meanwhile, the price trajectory of Optimism (OP) has taken a bearish turn. In the past seven days, the market value of Optimism (OP) has declined by 9%. Consequently, Optimism (OP) is currently changing hands at $1.55.

Hedera (HBAR) Launches Calaxy

The Hedera (HBAR) network recently launched its first social network, Calaxy. According to analysts, Calaxy has the potential to bring a large number of users to the Hedera (HBAR) network.

The launch of Calaxy has made a positive impact on the price movement of Hedera (HBAR). The trading price of Hedera (HBAR) has surged by 8% in the past week. Subsequently, Hedera (HBAR) is currently changing hands at $0.0612.

Another factor that is working in favor of the Hedera (HBAR) network is its rising development activity. This, in turn, has increased the network activity and transactions on Hedera (HBAR).

Pomerdoge (POMD) Inspires Market Whales With Presale Growth

Disrupting the blockchain gaming arena, Pomerdoge has developed a new play-to-earn (P2E) meme coin. The platform will soon launch a new Web3 game, Pomergame, which will allow players to play and earn money. A research report indicated that the size of the global blockchain gaming industry can surge to $65.7 billion in the next four years.

Since Pomerdoge is a meme coin with the utilities of booming P2E tokens, experts believe that it can surpass Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe in terms of growth and profitability. Pomerdoge has entered the blockchain gaming market with a unique business roadmap where players earn money for the time they engage with the game.

The Pomerdoge ecosystem consists of three components. These are Pomergame (a game where players can build and enhance their avatars), Pomerplace (a marketplace which allows players to trade their customized in-game assets), and a collection of 7,777 NFTs. Notably, only POMD token holders will be allowed to purchase these non-fungible tokens.

Moreover, the presale phase of Pomerdoge is currently in stage 1 and has raised more than $735,000. Additionally, within a few days of its launch, the POMD token’s purchase price jumped from $0.007 to $0.008. Notably, experts have forecasted that the market value of Pomerdoge will skyrocket by 17x before the end of the presale phase. The platform has also planned for giveaways worth $150,000.

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