Optimism and Aptos Are The Newest Blockchains, But AI Crypto Avorak Could 100X in 2023


AVRK, following in the footsteps of Optimism and Aptos, is quickly gaining traction and could soon surpass other platforms in the AI crypto industry. By the look of its ICO performance, Avorak AI is the project to watch, and it’s only a matter of time before it clocks 100X this year. With the recent ICO ushering in phase 2 with one AVRK priced at $0.105, Avorak AI is rapidly gaining momentum.

What is Avorak AI?

Avorak AI utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze market data and generate trading signals. As a pioneer in the AI crypto space, Avorak AI enjoys a significant advantage over competitors. The experienced team of developers behind Avorak AI inspires confidence in the platform among investors. The platform offers a packaged solution to users, providing them with a trading bot that helps them read and interpret market parameters for wise investment decisions. The limited supply of AVRK tokens, only 40 million, adds to its appeal for those looking for high potential returns. As the platform gains valuable support, it will look into cross-chain possibilities with blockchains, such as Optimism and Aptos.

Avorak AI commands a solid support base on Twitter and YouTube. Analysts and crypto enthusiasts such as Crypto Bape and 2Bit Crypto actively promote the platform and provide valuable information to prospective investors. Its cross-network expansion strategies, rigorously-tested bundled products, and first-to-market approach make it a crucial player in the future of AI. Additionally, Avorak AI’s suite of diverse products has the potential to impact various industries and use cases, including finance, trading, e-commerce, and content generation.

Avorak AI’s content generation tool saves time by churning out plagiarism-free blog posts or social media updates. Its text or voice-to-text input system can make the platform more accessible to users who may have difficulty typing or using traditional input methods.


Optimism is a blockchain technology comprising communities and individuals working collaboratively to support public goods and create a sustainable future for Ethereum. Optimism community and developers continuously improve and iterate on the technology, which benefits everyone using the platform. By embracing an open-source ethos, Optimism aims to promote transparency, collaboration, and innovation in the blockchain space. As an extension of Ethereum, it allows users and developers to take advantage of Ethereum’s robust security while realizing faster and cheaper transactions. The governance of Optimism is managed through the Optimism coin, OP.


Aptos is a blockchain project of Aptos Labs, a startup that emerged from Meta’s abandoned web3. The launch of Aptos’ mainnet and token generated a buzz because of its groundbreaking infrastructure, which is expected to outperform other layer-one protocols. It was the first to use the Move technology. Aptos has the potential to be a game-changer in the blockchain space, and the Aptos coin is worth keeping an eye on as it surges. Its token, APT, pays for transactions and network fees in addition to its being a governance token.


The latest crypto news surrounding AI crypto places Avorak AI amongst the projects that exploded. Going by the excitement around it, the project is in the league of 100X. With a successful ICO and plans for future integrations and innovations, Avorak AI is at the forefront of revolutionizing AI crypto.

More about Avorak AI here:

Website: https://avorak.ai

Whitepaper: https://avorak-labs-and-technology.gitbook.io/avorak-a.i-technical-whitepaper/


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