Openware released the OpenDAX 2.6 crypto exchange software update

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The cryptocurrency and digital assets exchange software developed by Openware launched an exciting update with more robust security measures and flexible functionalities.

Openware is a software engineering company and a sister company of Helios Technologies. It works in financial entities’ infrastructure as banks and others providing Blockchain technologies to leverage their abilities. 

Openware company and leadership

Openware was founded in France in 2006. It has expanded to a new headquarters in US San Francisco and multiple development offices in France, Ukraine, and Thailand.

Its core business is improving financial services’ infrastructure and providing more secure and scalable systems to users globally.

Openware has contributed to hundreds of blockchain projects using the best DevOps tools and practices. One of the primary focuses of the company is cryptography technologies and cybersecurity.

Louis Bellet is the CEO and co-founder of Openware. He was previously the co-founder at Helios Technologies, a technology company specializing in DevOps cloud software development and technological solutions for start-ups.  He was also the founder of CloudFire and a co-founder of WebVenture.

Louis Bellet’s areas of expertise include business and system architecture, database services, code development, cloud architecture, and high-technology solutions for various industries. His extensive cloud software architecture experience has earned him the position of essential consultant for many start-ups.

OpenDAX crypto exchange software

Openware recently released a new update of its flagship product OpenDAX. OpenDAX is cryptocurrency exchange software used for trading digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum securities. It enables users to work on a highly secured and flexible financial marketplace. The OpenDAX platform is currently the most popular open-source crypto exchange solution, recognized by developers globally.

OpenDAX is an abbreviation of ‘Open-Source Digital Assets Exchange.’ It provides a self-hosted SaaS solution that is fully customizable for businesses that operate in cryptocurrencies. 

OpenDAX is a cloud-based solution providing 24/7 access to users on the crypto exchange platform. The cloud enables the DevOps team of the developing company to maintain the software continuously.

Users of OpenDAX can have access to public code repositories to customize the exchange service platform. Companies can get the complete source code of the software along with the license. 

What’s new in OpenDAX 2.6?

The new 2.6 update of OpenDAX has several unique features that improve account security and safety; the features also improve usage and add to the software’s flexibility and functionality.

In the 2.6 version, a Gnosis base plugin was added that works on Ethereum-based blockchains. The plugin supports multi-signature wallets and aims to improve the security and safety of crypto custody. 

Some of the improvements include user accessibility. All core user account information can be updated to prevent hacking and tampering, including emails and phone numbers.

Adding to the improved security, the deposit wallets maintenance of Ethereum-based currencies and tokens is unified. Previously, each token had a separate wallet that increased the cloud storage and increased the security exposure. 

Furthermore, users can also set limits to their global withdrawals in a particular currency. This update enables users to control their money and transactions through the platform, paying little heed to the currency. The update is essential for Anti-money laundering (AML) practices. 

The new release supports PostgreSQL and MariaDB databases. It adds to the software’s flexibility as users or developers can now choose to work with their preferred database.

The Gas commission rate automation feature enhances the software’s flexibility and adaptability. The feature allows users to automate the Gas commissions for Ethereum-based transactions, allowing them to operate after being adjusted to the commission rates automatically, with no need for manual updating per transaction. 

The permissions management during deployment and re-deployment of the software has been optimized, as it now needs just a few Yaml-based configurations. This optimization enables a more comfortable and faster installation of the Openware Blockchain stack. 

Smart-contract deposits are improved as the new release fully recognizes and supports smart-contract investment, and brokerage has also been enhanced. 

CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap API Endpoints are now supported. The two portals are integrated within the OpenDAX platform to display information from the portals fully. The data is fetched through info widgets embedded in the platform to improve the provided services and cryptocurrency conversion. 

OpenDAX is taking bold strides with an aspiring roadmap as the 2021 cryptocurrency market is developing.

Crypto market situation

The crypto market has witnessed a boom in the latest period due to increased use and investors’ growing interest in cryptocurrencies. Currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum surged in the last year, and the surge is predicted to continue as there is still room to grow. 

Several investors believe that the current crypto boom is different from precedent boom-bust cycles. The cryptocurrency market has recently matured with a choice of currencies and various players. Cryptocurrencies are vastly seen as easily exchangeable currencies, an alternative to the current inflation rates in non-digital currencies. 

The implementation of Cryptocurrencies transactions across various ledgers is a concern for many investors working in this market. Blockchain technology responds to this concern as it acts as a system to record the transactions, a form of a distributed ledger. 

Technology companies working in the financial sector are eager to leverage blockchain technology to enhance cybersecurity and prevent data tampering for secure cryptocurrency market exchange platforms. OpenDAX started years ago, and it continues its confident steps in Blockchain development and providing a secure exchange platform for financial assets. 

About Openware

Openware is a Blockchain technology solutions provider for crypto and financial services, headquartered in San Francisco, California.

The company has developed over 100 Blockchain projects, including OpenDAX – an open-source cryptocurrency and digital assets exchange software that provides a robust financial trading platform. 

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