OpenEthereum Drops Ethereum Classic Support, Gets Forked

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Ever since Ethereum and Ethereum Classic became two separate things, both ecosystems have found their own following. That doesn’t mean there is still some “bad blood” between the two, however, As OpenEthereum has now removed ETC support, a fork was in order.

The OpenEthereum Kerfuffle

OpenEthereum is a client that supports the Ethereum network, or any network derived from it. That made it of great use to the Ethereum Classic community, for obvious reasons.  Having a feature-rich multi-network client is of great value to both users and developers alike,  Unfortunately, that will no longer be the case, following some recent developments.

About a week ago, there was a new request in the OpenEthereum GitHub repo. User Vorot91 was concerned about the negative publicity from ETC stakeholders, as well as “a lack of meaningful story behind Classic“, he voted to have Ethereum Classic support removed altogether. Ending the argument by saying how “supporting ETC is more trouble than what its worth” shows that there is still bad blood between the two projects.

The initial proposal received some initial support. Not entirely surprising, as many Ethereum supporters have been waiting to distance themselves from ETC altogether. As more projects now drop support for this alternative blockchain, that transition is slowly taking place behind the scenes.

Regardless of how one feels about Ethereum Classic, the hostilities between ETH and ETC supporters have gone on for a while now. Whether most people still know what they are debating about, is a different matter altogether.  Solving this matter could only be done in one way, and that is by forking OpenEthereum into OpenETC. 

The Arrival of OpenETC

Whenever these types of disagreements occur, there are ways to settle the matter. Forking the existing Github project into a separate version to keep supporting Ethereum Classic was the right approach. As such, the OpenETC GitHub repository has now been created, and it is ready for action.

It contains all of the same functionality found in OpenEthereum up until a few days ago. The forked project is still a multi-network client for Ethereum networks, but one that will continue to provide support for Ethereum Classic. 

It is another interesting story in the ETH-ETC debacle, but one that shows the hostilities are far from over at this point.

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