Open Campus (EDU) And Injective (INJ) Record Gains As Uwerx (WERX) Presale Surges


Most crypto experts agree that for new tokens to attain great success in the coin market after their presale, they must possess certain features that appeal to investors.

Some of the leading altcoins in the crypto market today owe their successes to an impressive presale. Based on these two statements, analysts believe that Uwerx’s features and overwhelming presale performance prepare it for massive success in the coin market.

This article will highlight those features of Uwerx and discuss how Open Campus (EDU) and Injective (INJ) are gaining in the coin market.

Take Advantage Of The Growing Gig Economy with Uwerx

Uwerx is a new project debuting into the coin market, aiming to disrupt the freelance industry with its blockchain-based features. It will tap into the massive freelance market and bring decentralization, protection of intellectual property rights, faster payments, and affordable fees. Uwerx will charge only a 1% transaction fee. This is extremely low compared to the 20% charged on Fiverr.

With Uwerx features, it is unsurprising why traders and freelancers believe it can unseat the competition. Reports say that 90% of company executives agree that freelancing would contribute immensely to their companies’ competitive advantage; this means there is more growth ahead for the freelance industry and potential profits for Uwerx holders.

To ensure investors get the best from the project, Uwerx developers have secured audit approvals from InterFi Network and SolidProof before the presale. They will also place a 25-year liquidity lock on developers’ tokens. The team had initially planned to start the 25-year lock at the end of the presale, but following a poll where 82.8% of the Uwerx community voted in favor of the lock starting before the end of the presale, the team has decided to begin the lock before the presale ends. The date for this action will be specified in due course.

Furthermore, the Uwerx team will renounce smart contract ownership of the project when it is ready to launch in centralized exchanges. These moves will prevent any chance of rug pulls and boost investors’ confidence in the safety of their finances.

In a recent development, the team has reduced the founding team’s token allocations from 8% to 7%. Some other allocations have been changed too. Of the total supply of 750,000,000 WERX tokens, 57% (427,500,000) has been mapped out for the presale. This is a change from the previous 45% (300,000,000). For the ongoing fourth stage of the presale, there are 77,500,000 tokens available.

The fifth presale stage will have 72,000,000 tokens available. The launch price has been bumped up too. The new launch price is now $0.095 – $0.115. All these token allocation changes were made because of investors’ increased demand for WERX tokens. This increased demand is evident in the fact that Uwerx now has 5,000 users.

Uwerx developers have been working on the Alpha version of the Uwerx platform. In a recent announcement, the Uwerx team assured the community that the Alpha version will be released in a few days. In recent news, the team plans to launch the platform’s Landing page and Sign-up/Sign-in pages on May 19, 2023. They have also pledged to roll out the whole platform gradually while using the community’s feedback to make changes.

They have also announced a new innovation called the Uwerx Vault, where users can save their tokens for a time.

Uwerx is being offered at $0.0315 in its fifth presale stage, and analysts believe it could pump to $2.7 by the last quarter of 2024. Given that 98.2% of users have voted in favor of a Test Airdrop, the team has resolved to carry it out as it would enable users to confirm the accuracy of their Receiving Wallet.

With the Uwerx team indicating that a price increase is imminent, it means that now presents a perfect opportunity for investors looking to improve their financial status to buy Uwerx. Note that the Uwerx presale will end on July 31, 2023, and the current 20% bonus will reduce soon. So you should get in on the presale now.

Open Campus (EDU): Educators’ Favorite Coin

When Open Campus (EDU) announced on May 4, 2023, that they would introduce the Publisher NFTs, it was met with excitement from investors and users. These Publisher NFTs are now used for revenue sharing and funding educators. Additionally, Open Campus (EDU) can leverage them to post bounties and issue grants and scholarships to content creators.

On May 11, 2023, Open Campus (EDU) announced the addition of the Dalton Learning Lab into the Open Campus family. Through their technology, Open Campus (EDU) will tokenize Dalton Lab’s courses into Publisher NFTs. This move will onboard Dalton Lab teachers and students into Web3. These latest developments have led to a rise in the value of EDU tokens.

Currently ranked #161 in the entire crypto ecosystem, Open Campus (EDU) is selling for $1.09, with a market cap of $158,762,455. This represents a 6.3% increase in the past 24 hours. Thus, analysts are optimistic that the coin will continue to rise in value as more use cases come from the Publisher NFTs.

Injective (INJ) Integrates Another Project 

Injective (INJ) recently announced that it had added its token to the Band Standard Dataset. This move will improve the functionality of Injective (INJ) apps by giving developers the ability to use the Injective (INJ) token pricing data from the Band Oracle. On the other hand, Injective (INJ) has integrated another project into itself. This new project is the Pyth Mainnet.

This integration gives Injective (INJ) dApps access to Pyth’s on-chain data of 2000+ markets. These include equities, commodities, foreign exchange pairs, and crypto.

Injective (INJ) has increased by 16.52% in the past thirty days, selling for $8.31. Analysts believe that with more integrations, the project will bring even more gains for its holders. However, experts advise traders to consider Uwerx because it offers a better opportunity for massive profits.

Since Uwerx is still in presale, we believe that traders who invest in it now stand a better chance of reaping profits by the last quarter of 2023. Leverage this by joining the Uwerx presale using the links below.






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