OnlyFans Model Who Defrauded NFT Buyers Abuses DMCA System To Cover Her Tracks


The OnlyFans model who scammed NFT buyers for 127 ETH isn’t dome with her dastardly deeds. The person and their team attempt to abuse the DMCA principle to avoid people finding out about this scheme. However, that won’t suffice, as countermotions have been filed to get the content reinstated. 

OnlyFans Model Won’t Refute The Scam

A few days ago, we posted an article explaining how OnlyFans Model and Instagram “personality” Vanessa Sierra and her team defrauded NFT buyers to the tune of 127 ETH. Evidence provided by Twitter user OKHotShot helped identify how everything went down. There was a clear and deliberate sluicing of funds from the initial NFT sale to private addresses. Moreover, Sierra and her team continued to lie to investors claiming everything was “fine”.However, they pointed to bearish market conditions for the lack of success and development. 

It wouldn’t be uncommon to see Sierra or her team reach out to rectify any misinformation. Instead, they opted to scrub the scam proof from the internet. By abusing the DMCA solution, they have gotten our article and OKHotShot’s Twitter content removed from Google and Twitter, respectively. Unfortunately for them, those claims will not stand for long.

As can be seen in the image, the DMCA claim alleged copyright infringement on photos and videos. However, neither the Twitter thread nor our content has such content. It is understandable content creators are protective of their work, and they should be. However, that is no reason to exploit a powerful system to try and cover up evidence. The scam took place, people lost a lot of money, and the name of OnlyFans model Vanessa Sierra is in the midst of it all. Avoiding repercussions will be futile, as the internet doesn’t forget. 

Moreover, the claims are designed to scrub the scam allegations. It is worth noting the DMCA claim makes no mention of any misinformation, though. That is akin to admitting Vanessa Sierra and her consorts did steal money from the NFT investors for their benefit. It also confirms they purposefully lied to investors along the way. Spending the scammed money on DMCA takedowns likely wasn’t the plan, though. However, Google and Twitter should reinstate the content shortly, and the dance begins anew.

Criminal Action Remains Warranted

Pursuing legal action remains viable for those who invested in the Vanessa Sierra NFT collection. There is enough evidence to confirm the deception and fraudulent behavior of Sierra and her team. Moreover, DMCA abuse is a form or perjury punishable by law. 

While that doesn’t mean victims will take any legal action, scammers shouldn’t go unpunished. The world needs to know the OnlyFans model purposefully deceived investors. Whether one likes or hates NFTs is irrelevant in this matter. Moreover, platforms like OnlyFans and Instagram should not stand behind people who blatantly steal money from others and abuse DMCA to get away with it. 

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