OneCoin Fraud: Lawyer’s Appeal for a New Trial Denied Despite Witness Perjury

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OneCoin, introduced in 2014, marketed itself as a digital currency rivaling Bitcoin. However, the so-called cryptocurrency later unveiled as a deceitful pyramid scheme, enticing new participants with false prospects and unrealistic future profits.

Mark Scott’s Connection to the OneCoin Scheme

On November 2019, Mark Scott, a 54-year-old attorney, was convicted for laundering an astonishing $400 million related to the OneCoin scam. Prosecutors ascertained that Scott amassed approximately $50 million from a deceitful fund to handle transactions extracted from the OneCoin operation.

Challenging the verdict, Scott maintained that he was unaware of OneCoin’s fraudulent nature while establishing the fund. His defense pivoted on a false testimony provided by Konstantin Ignatov, a significant government witness and sibling to OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova. Ignatov confessed to conspiring with his sister in advancing the OneCoin fraud.

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Despite the witness’s perjury, US District Judge Edgardo Ramos, during a hearing on September 18, discarded the plea for a retrial. Judge Ramos expressed skepticism that “an innocent person may have been convicted” based on Ignatov’s testimony. Consequently, Scott’s attorneys are gearing up to contest this decision, emphasizing that the government’s primary witness presented false testimony.

Lavish Lifestyle Financed by Fraudulent Means 

The prosecution highlighted Scott’s extravagant expenditure of the OneCoin proceeds. His purchases encompassed a series of opulent items:

  • Multi-million-dollar residences
  • High-end timepieces
  • Sports vehicles
  • Even a lavish 17-meter yacht

In a separate but related event, Judge Ramos handed down a 20-year sentence to OneCoin co-founder Karl Greenwood on September 12. Greenwood faced multiple charges, including money laundering and fraud, and was found guilty in the US court.

The OneCoin scandal is a cautionary tale about the potential pitfalls in the burgeoning world of digital currencies. Despite the veracity challenges within the trial, the court’s decision underscores the rigorous scrutiny fraudulent schemes will face in the justice system.

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