One dApp Continues to Congest the EOS Blockchain


Any blockchain ecosystem can suffer from some degree of congestion now and then. More often than not, those issues pertain to Ethereum, yet it appears EOS isn’t safe from harm either. 

There have been some concerns regarding EOS network congestion in recent days.

EOS Network Congestion is Problematic

All of these problems are created by one of the many dApps active on the platform today.

EIDOS, not to be confused with the former video game developer, is flooding the network with its transactions.

On the one hand, that is a good sign, as it confirms this EOS dApp is incredibly popular.

At the same time, it also makes it fairly difficult for users to conduct normal transactions.

Solving this problem will not be easy, other than by introducing more processing power for the network itself.

Until the matter is resolved, there can be all kinds of consequences for the ecosystem as a whole. 

One area to be affected is the rest of the distributed applications running on the EOS blockchain.

It would appear there are some developers who contemplate finding a new home for their project.

Some dismay is also noted among the many block producers, who aren’t all that happy about the current situation. 

It is seemingly a matter of time until the regular users will revolt as well.

Having to stake tens of dollars worth of EOS to simply send a transaction is not acceptable.

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