Onchain data shows that memecoin whales are joining DigiToads (TOADS) presale en masse as Pepe coin (PEPE) hype comes to an end


Recent data analysis suggests that whales are moving towards DigiToads (TOADS) in a big way. They’ve already helped it surge past $ 3.7 million in sales, and it hasn’t even launched yet. Discounts are still available during presale if you want to lock in almost guaranteed profits before its official launch later this year. The recent hype surrounding PEPE has caused a new lease of life to flood into the altcoin world, with many remembering gains made by DOGE and SHIB back in 2021. PEPE matched these gains by surging 21,000% in just a few short days, meaning there’s still money to be made in the memecoin world. But these gains were short-lived, with prices falling back a bit since. That’s because investors have become savvier; they demand more use cases and stronger fundamentals, even from their memecoin investments. While the PEPE hype might be over, it’s only just getting started for TOADS, a memecoin you can use. Here’s why we strongly recommend adding it to your portfolio immediately:

DigiToads (TOADS)

The great thing about TOADS is that while it has everything needed to become a viral memecoin sensation: it’s far more than just a memecoin. With some of the most robust deflationary mechanics, passive income streams, and P2E credentials ever seen in the crypto world, TOADS has set its sights on the top of the charts. And experts think it won’t take long to get there, with gains already surging thanks to increased investment from crypto whales.

Moves made by whales who know what they’re doing in this industry should be followed closely. These guys often know when the perfect time to invest is, having made their fortunes on surges like those seen by PEPE, BTC, or SHIB. And the perfect time to invest with TOADS is now. That’s because you can still enjoy discounted prices of $0.027 which is set to increase throughout its presale to $0.055 by the official launch. Many believe it will go even higher after that.

With the TOADS memecoin P2E arena, you get strong use-cases for your tokens. They can be used to improve your digital companions to battle it out in the swamp arena, winning rewards along the way. A 7% sales tax is levied on all transactions to ensure there’s always enough money to pay out competitors every season and provide funds for TOADS’ separate staking platform for popular NFTs. This will give users another way to earn regular passive income gains along the way. All these reasons and more are why whales are flocking to TOADS, helping it move past $ 3.7 million in presale sales. You should join them if you want to be part of a journey that could reshape the alt coin landscape.

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Pepe (PEPE)

PEPE’s recent growth showed us that there’s still money to be made in memecoins. But it also showed that investors demand more fundamentals from their tokens, and memecoin hype alone isn’t enough to hold onto gains. If you’re trying to decide what the best cryptos to invest in are, PEPE doesn’t have the same long-term potential and real utility as TOADS, which is why your investments might be better placed in the DigiToads ecosystem.


Analysts think that TOADS could continue to surge, outpacing PEPE’s gains and then holding onto them. It’s one of the best cryptos to buy right now, and its future looks incredibly bright thanks to a range of innovative features and a presale model that’s built for growth. Jump on board the TOADS rocket as it heads for the moon.

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