On the safety of bitcoin gambling: Yes, crypto gambling is safe!

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Cryptocurrency gambling moves upwards very fast and although this regards the global level, there are some specific markets that exhibit stronger acceleration towards the cryptogambling world. 

The Philippines is one such market! The Global Crypto Adoption Index 2022 puts the Philippines in the 2nd position, when it comes to the percentage of digital asset adoption and this clearly justifies the fact that there are now many crypto betting sites in PH, competing for a share of the growing pie. In fact, more and more betting sites, sportsbooks and online casinos are now accepting bitcoin deposits in the country, while there is a considerably large portion of these platforms allowing withdrawals to be made in cryptocurrencies as well.

Some bettors are still hesitant…

But no matter how far we’ve come with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, there is still a respectable share of bettors who are hesitating to commit to what is now becoming one of the biggest things in gambling. Cryptogambling is taking full form and shape across the world, as betting sites and online casinos either enlarge their transaction portfolios with bitcoin or transform their entire transactional capacity to bitcoin.

And all the while, there are yet many punters that are not really confident with using virtual currencies for their wagers and gambling transactions and they end up losing the opportunities to leverage the critical benefits that these currencies offer.

You might think, for example, “Is bitcoin gambling safe?” And the answer is pretty straight forward: “Yes, it is completely and 100% safe”. Let’s see why bettors don’t need to hesitate to use bitcoin for gambling.

So, bitcoin gambling is safe because:

It combines the benefits of cash transactions and online payments

Well, gambling with bitcoin is like having the total anonymity and speed that are ensured by cash transactions, while at the same time, enjoying the convenience, ease and efficiency that are ensured by online payments. So, betting with bitcoin actually combines the advantages of the two more traditional forms of transactions, particularly when it comes to processes’ effectiveness.

It does not require the disclosure of private information and personal data

When you transact with cryptocurrencies there is no need to disclose your banking information or any other private sensitive data that could be subject to theft or any other illegal activity. For this matter alone, it is safe to argue that betting with bitcoin is indeed safe! You don’t have to give your details for placing wagers, making deposits or withdrawing your winnings. It is only about the transaction and not about your private information.

It ensures protection of transactions

When using cryptos for gambling, all transactions are processed by the blockchain technology, which is on its own and by nature one of the most secure and safe technologies at the moment. All transactions, which are verified and completed, are added to the block and once the block is filled with transactions, new blocks are created  along the chain.

The transactions can’t be changed, modified or hacked for any reason by anyone and so they remain intact and they are fully secured. So, there is no way one transaction can be lost or transformed in any way, which is ultimately what you are looking for when seeking safety and protection.

Some suggestions

So, what is the final verdict? Bitcoin gambling is indeed safe, for as long as punters get to gamble within the legitimate boundaries and limits. It requires common sense to make sure that you take all necessary measures and actions in order to maintain a safe gambling activity using cryptocurrencies. It is necessary to follow the right procedures and then you don’t have to worry at all.

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