OmiseGo Price Momentum Picks up Courtesy of McDonald’s Thailand

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Even though most of the cryptocurrency markets appear to be stuck in sideways trading, a few coins note upward momentum. The OmiseGO price is on a small run as of right now, even though, it remains to be seen what the future holds in the coming days and weeks. For now, remaining near $3.6 will be challenging enough.

OmiseGO Price is on the Move

The vast majority of cryptocurrencies on the market is on the decline at this time. Considering how today is the first day of a weekend, that is not really a surprise. Weekends are notoriously strange for crypto trading, and this weekend will be no different, by the look of things. As such, unusual momentum can materialize when people least expect it.

For the OmiseGO price, there is a small gain in USD value to take note of as of this time. Although a 3.5% jump is not exactly shocking or amazing, it is far better than what most other cryptocurrencies can put on the board right now. There is also a strong increase over Bitcoin, and a small bump in ETH value. All of these signs look promising, albeit they may not warrant long-term momentum.

Some very interesting developments have taken place in the world of OmiseGO. The team recently attended a workshop at Neutrino Singapore during which the eWallet Suite and Plasma implementation were discussed. Both of these developments will pave a bright future for the ecosystem, albeit there is still work to be done.

In even more important news, McDonald’s is apparently implementing the OmiseGO blockchain ecosystem. Its Thailand subsidiary is on the verge of officially using this new technology in the very near future. It shows blockchain is in great demand across various industries. How it will affect McDonald’s Thailand exactly, is anybody’s guess at this time.

When looking at the technical analysis charts, it seems OMG is in an interesting accumulation zone at this stage. Anything below 55,000 Satoshi is considered a steal, according to Mitch. The current momentum seems to indicate the real profits lie well beyond this point, and a notable push is materializing to head toward 60,000 Satoshi this weekend.

Positive news tends to have a good impact on overall cryptocurrency prices. The developments affecting OmiseGO are positive for all other cryptocurrencies, even though they are not directly affiliated. As such, it will be interesting to see how the markets evolve over the next 36 hours. With a rather high overall trading volume, things are shaping up rather nicely.

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