Bitcoin futures have been an interesting addition to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They allow for mainstream exposure to Bitcoin without buying cryptocurrency directly. OKEx’s recent “issues” may cause a big change in this regard, as the firm’s own futures may now be in jeopardy.

The OKEx Debacle Raises Questions

It was seemingly a matter of time until margin trading and Bitcoin exchange-based futures contracts would cause any major issues. In the case of OKEx, one of its recently liquidated long positions on Bitcoin has been a cause of concern for the firm, especially since the amount surpasses the company’s obligation to officially support and cover these losses.

As a result, OKEx now has a tough decision to make. There are concerns over how this trade was even possible at maximum leverage, as it totals up to nearly 1,000 Bitcoin which cannot be covered by the company. Granted, users should never leverage a margin position using Bitcoin futures, but that is a different matter altogether.

How Does OKEx Plan on Tackling This Situation?

Firstly, the firm has hinted at using the societal loss risk management mechanism. This means that users with a net profit across all Bitcoin futures contracts for the week leading up to the incident will have their balances reduced (along with a portion of their profits being taken). Rest assured a lot of users will not be too pleased about this incident in the slightest.

Additionally, OKEx will inject 2500 BTC from its own capital pool into an insurance fund. This is done to offset any future issues, although one could argue this measure comes a little too late.

Incidents like these highlight the need for regulated centralized Bitcoin exchanges and their products. These Bitcoin futures offered by OKEx are not regulated or subject to intervention, leaving investors exposed.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note this incident has nothing to do with Bitcoin futures issued by CME or CBOE. This is an incident pertaining to OKEx alone and has no impact on the broader Bitcoin industry. However, it may cause other exchanges to rethink their countermeasures for such incidents, as these problems can affect any trading platform at any given time.

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