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It is pertinent for cryptocurrency companies to add as much functionality into their platform as possible. OKEx is doing exactly that, as a collaboration with TradingView will lead to some very interesting developments. 

Trading cryptocurrencies or other assets on an exchange is about much more than just the order book.

OKEx Partners TradingView for Data Integration

A lot of traders aim to find out market patterns and trends to determine their next position.

To do so, they need access to a wide set of technical analysis indicators, chart types, and lines to draw.

OKEx is incorporating this technology by partnering TradingView, the world’s leading trading community focusing on stocks to forex and cryptocurrency.

Due to this integration, OKEx trading data will become available on the TradingView platform.

It is good to see more cryptocurrency exchanges being represented on this popular platform.

In May of 2020, spot and futures data will become available as well.

What is remarkable is how users can look forward to placing orders on OKEx through TradingView in the future as well.

In turn, this will hopefully make cryptocurrencies more appealing to the masses sooner or later.

All in all, it is another prominent development for the crypto industry.

More exposure is always beneficial, regardless of how it is achieved. 

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