Obscure Meme Tokens Pumped by Ethereum MEV Bot, Leading to Soaring Gas Prices

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An aggressive Ethereum MEV bot known as ‘jaredfromsubway.eth’ has been spending millions in gas, resulting in price surges for obscure meme tokens and increased gas costs for the entire network.

An Ethereum Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) bot, dubbed ‘jaredfromsubway.eth,’ has been actively driving up gas prices while pumping lesser-known meme tokens like PEPE and WOJAK. Over the past 24 hours, the bot has spent over $1 million in gas fees. It accounts for nearly 8% of the total gas spending on the network.

The Impact of the MEV Bot on Ethereum Gas Prices

The aggressive activity of the MEV bot has led to a significant increase in Ethereum gas prices. According to data from Dune Analytics, the bot’s gas spending has surged to 522.7 ETH, equivalent to an estimated $1.09 million in fees. 

Over the past week, the bot has spent more than 1,183 ETH, worth around $2.4 million. Its monthly gas consumption amounts to a staggering $5.3 million, making it the top gas consumer on the Ethereum network.

This massive gas expenditure has led to increased gas prices for other users. Etherscan reports that average network fees have spiked 140% since the weekend.

Understanding MEV and Its Effects on the Crypto Market

Maximal Extractable Value, or MEV, refers to a front-running process where a bot identifies potentially profitable transactions in the mempool. Typically, transactions are prioritized based on fees, with higher fees placing transactions higher in the processing queue. 

MEV bots can access transaction data in the mempool and exploit arbitrage opportunities or front-run them to maximize profits.

In this case, the ‘jaredfromsubway.eth’ MEV bot has been deploying a malicious front-running technique known as a “sandwich attack” on several low-cap altcoins, as highlighted by DeFi researcher “SeaLaunch_.” This method is often used to manipulate cryptocurrency token prices, leading to price surges for the targeted tokens.

Obscure Meme Tokens Experience Price Surges

As a result of the bot’s actions, the prices of some lesser-known meme tokens have skyrocketed. The PEPE token, which lacks any significant purpose or functionality, has experienced a price pump of over 200%. Similarly, another meme token with no apparent utility, WOJAK, has seen its value surge by nearly 80%.

Crypto trader “Satoshi Flipper” commented on the situation, stating:

“You only see this kind of stuff during ALT season, so I’m expecting a sweet little spillover effect of momentum + demand into other ALTS.”

Despite the high cost of gas, the MEV bot appears to have profited from at least these two meme tokens.


The aggressive actions of the ‘jaredfromsubway.eth’ MEV bot have led to soaring gas prices on the Ethereum network. In addition, it creates significant price increases for obscure meme tokens like PEPE and WOJAK. 

This situation highlights the potential vulnerabilities in the cryptocurrency market and the need for continued monitoring and regulation to prevent manipulation and maintain market stability.

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