No taxation, years of complex crypto industry regulations, and other benefits of obtaining an offshore license

Key benefits of obtaining a crypto license in an offshore jurisdiction

To date, transactions with virtual currency have no restrictions on the international market and are not controlled at all in many countries. Therefore, all offshore digital financial transactions are an alternative way to conduct business confidentially during tax transparency. After all, ICO is carried out online and is not tied to a specific jurisdiction, and you can access the crypto storage from anywhere in the world. Obtaining an offshore crypto license has many benefits, which we want to discuss in more detail.

General information

Getting a crypto license is relatively easy because many countries allow financial activities in virtual currencies, and some countries do not require a permit. The main advantage of starting a crypto company is increased privacy. Users do not need to provide their data, and only the identifier of the crypto storage is subject to disclosure.

The choice of jurisdiction in obtaining a crypto license is related to the amount of the company’s initial capital, legal requirements, and banking service conditions. Most investors opt for countries with stable economies. In addition, there are jurisdictions where there is no payment of various taxes (VAT, personal income tax, corporate tax).

Advantages of an offshore license

Many investors lean towards having an offshore crypto license because it comes with many benefits, not just financial ones.

One of the main benefits is the protection of the organization’s crypto assets and a higher degree of account confidentiality. Suppose all the rules of a particular jurisdiction are followed. In that case, the company’s crypto wallet is protected as much as possible and is not associated with the owner’s individual.

The financial benefits include a favorable tax policy because most standard taxes are absent, and the taxes that apply to your activities will be almost negligible. This approach is connected with how much as possible to attract foreign crypto-investments in their country’s economy. But it is worth paying attention that if, in a given country, a cryptocurrency is considered a monetary instrument on par with fiat funds, then taxes will have to be paid.

There is a simple procedure for creating organization accounts in payment systems for offshore licensees, especially in EU countries.

Several types of corporate structures are offered, depending on the business direction of your organization. It allows the investor to choose the most optimal option for his organization’s activities.

Another critical factor is the lack of essential digital assets in a specific state; it is impossible to trace the crypto storage.

Based on the above, having an offshore crypto license for an organization, there are clear boundaries between the virtual currency and its owner, hence the complete anonymity of transactions with digital assets. Only with an offshore crypto license will your organization be protected from unforeseen lawsuits and seizures of your company’s accounts. Many large corporations have offshore bank accounts for cryptocurrencies, safeguard their assets and increase profits by eliminating most of the standard taxes.

Using offshore jurisdictions to get preferential taxes

Below we list the possibilities for obtaining tax benefits using an offshore crypto license:

  • investment of digital currency without reference to the exchange rate;
  • the use of virtual currency to pay for products using international transfer terminals;
  • the ability to use financial assets without restrictions since there is no regulation of the crypto business;
  • simple conversion of financial assets into fiat funds, excluding taxes in the territory of an offshore country;
  • it is possible to use special free zones in countries with blockchain technologies.

The only thing worth attention to is that most offshore jurisdictions have a condition – to refrain from engaging in activities on their territory and not provide services in the local financial market.

In many countries that investors use as tax havens, they are very loyal to the crypto-currency activities of offshore companies. This country securely protects your digital assets, and the account is not associated with any bank account numbers or any other information identifying your company’s and its owner’s data.

In the end

An offshore crypto license is a reasonably effective way to optimize organization taxes and increase privacy. Operations with cryptocurrencies offshore not only do not receive restrictions but, on the contrary, are fully supported by the authorities when organizing blockchain startups.


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